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Why so many console plebs?

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User Info: arleas

7 months ago#31
apathid posted...
And lastly, yes persona 5 is the only PS4 exclusive on the top list but it's there right? I don't see any PC exclusive title there, but I want to. Gw2

Exclusives are for underpowered peasant machines. PC doesn't have exclusive games unless it is way beyond console capacity even if they dumbed it down.

Often a game starts out on PC and is "exclusive" for a while, but it would be stupid for the developer to not expand to other platforms.

The only thing keeping it from being equally stupid on console is the fact that console maker pays money to keep it exclusive, mitigating the loss of income.

If a game has value to you only because it is artificially restricted to one platform then you, sir, are a fake gamer.
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