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How big is your HDD or SSD?

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User Info: Ratchetrockon

7 months ago#21
1 tb nvme ssd (960 Pro Evo) for os and open world games.

1 tb regular ssd (850 evo) for everything else.

I have a 1 tb 7200 rpm WD Blue HDD as well but is currently unplugged. Might use it in the future when I absolutely need space.

Also I have a 4 tb external hdd which I migrated majority of my old computer's files on.
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User Info: Master_Bass

7 months ago#22
5 TB HDD x2 (These are in RAID 0 and I throw games on here)

4 TB HDD x4 (I created a ReFS storage space 2 way mirror for backups. These are in an external device.)

I don't use the two smaller HDDs for much these days. I just left them in when I replaced them since there's room in my case.
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User Info: Black_Assassin

7 months ago#23
In order of appearance in Explorer:

256GB SSD (boot/OS drive)
2TB internal
500GB internal
1TB internal
2TB external
2TB external
3TB internal
~7.3TB NAS (3x4TB with one drive for parity)
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User Info: SkittyOnWailord

7 months ago#24
120GB SSD for OS and some important programs. And a 1TB HDD for everything else.

I've had the desktop for a little over a year. When/if I get anywhere near filling them then I'll just buy another.
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User Info: fastbilly1

7 months ago#25
Gaming pc:
2x 1tb SATA - not raided

Server 1:
6x WD 1tb 10k SAS

Server 2:
12x WD 500gb SATA - Raid 5
6x Seagate 600gb SAS - Raid 0

Server 3:
1x 8gb compact flash
2x 6tb WD SATA - Raid 0
2x 4tb WD SATA - Raid 0

Gaming pc gets replaced soon so it will be SSD or M2 based.
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User Info: ArkonBlade

7 months ago#26
1TB Samsung Pro Evo 850 SSD
3TB WD Black HDD
2TB Sea Gate barracuda
500GB External 2.5 drive
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User Info: D E E G S

7 months ago#27
60GB SSD boot drive
650GB 7200rpm HDD
1TB 7200rpm HDD
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User Info: cody4783

7 months ago#28
I have 6 drives in my system right now...

120GB Boot SSD
250GB SSD for specific games
640GB HDD for recordings/screenshots
2TB HDD for most games
2TB HDD for media/most files
1TB HDD Ex-game HDD.

Just migrated from the last 1TB drive a few weeks ago and haven't formatted/repurposed it yet.
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User Info: Virtrudian

7 months ago#29

I need some more space for games
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User Info: Ryzeki

7 months ago#30

128gb m.2 pcie ssd
1TB sata ssd
And i always carry a 1TB hdd drive with me.


1TB pcie m.2 ssd
1TB sata ssd

Such ssd goodness.
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