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Upgrading Video Card - 1080 Ti or 1070?

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User Info: captsplatter_1

7 months ago#31
boochy posted...
If price is no concern than obviously get the 1080ti. And that PSU is overkilll.

You honestly only need that PSU for Vega cards. Heard the power it uses (at least for the 64 cards) is stupidly high.
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User Info: saltedham

7 months ago#32
kortez1 posted...
This thread is tl;dr...just came to say that if you're cool throwing money around for a 1000W PSU, then get the 1080ti. You have a 980, so a 1070 won't be worth the marginal bump in performance imo. Don't skimp.

im running an overclocked 1080ti on a 750w power supply

Ghstrdr13Plyr posted...
Master_Springs posted...
Ghstrdr13Plyr posted...
Haven't quite made the jump to 4k for the monitor....TV is 4k but I'm running this setup on a BenQ GW2450 monitor O.o

Just curious, what is up with BenQ owners always announcing it like it's the s***? It's like the PC version of vegans. Seems like a hype train a bunch of people bought into because some youtubers said or something.

Like, you didn't even mention it was a 1080 monitor. You were just like "BenQ Brah, look it up".

I.. just don't understand what spawns this behavior.

I was hoping that stating that I haven't made the jump to 4k for the monitor was self-explanatory but I was buzzed while replying to the thread. And was providing information on what monitor I'm using but my bad for being not being general of type of monitor. Not a BenQ promoter or anything but just the monitor I have now.

At the time, it was the best monitor for what I was looking so I don't really have brand preference.

so you're using a 1080p monitor? may as well stick with the 980. i though you had 1440p this entire time.

User Info: 50inchDLP

7 months ago#33
Wait until the 1180ti comes out unless you literally have money to burn. If you play at 1080p there is no point of wasting money on a 1070/1080ti right now. Wait until the 1180ti launches and get an actual upgrade for your money as well as a new screen like 4K. No card currently on the market is a really GREAT 4K card anyway. -My youtube -Best show ever
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