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F***ing Windows 10 is *still* broken

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User Info: arleas

7 months ago#11
The ultimate answer is to turn off the update service and if you care about windows updates then you turn it back on and let it update (or try to force it to update if you're impatient) and then turn it back off before you do anything that matters (like rendering a 5 hour video or playing a video game that you can't save in the middle).
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User Info: SkittyOnWailord

7 months ago#12
My laptop and desktop have both had W10 for over a year each. I only ever had that problem once, right after I got the laptop. And that was only because I left all of the settings on default back then.
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User Info: SnakePlisken94

7 months ago#13
I haven't had an update in over a year after disabling he update service.
It also breaks ms's s*** store so you get two birds with one stone
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User Info: KillerTruffle

7 months ago#14
Shinkoden posted...
Terantatek posted...
Doesn't happen to me.

This. Can't 100% blame user error since you maybe don't know how to turn it off and it is a crappy default setting, but I've setup enough computers with W10 and can tell you not one of them has done this when configured correctly.

I've turned it off, and had it set to 100% manual updates, because it not only gave me the reboot window, but when I first got Win10, it was actually *rebooting* me right out of games. Full restart, zero warning.

I finally re-enabled automatic updates with "ask me" because they'd supposedly fixed the issue, but apparently it's still too mentally handicapped to recognize when I'm using the computer and in the middle of something or not.

At least this time it didn't fully reboot, just asked me if I wanted to. I guess it's back to full manual and not even letting Windows check for updates, because there is still no excuse for this s***. This is the only issue I've ever had with Windows 10, but it's bulls*** regardless.
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User Info: jjyiz28

7 months ago#15
im still using W7.. they plan on ending support on 2020.. but we'll see what happens when it gets near. MS may backpeddle since i believe worldwide, W7 is the most used windows.

User Info: betatech

7 months ago#16
Have you tried changing the 'active hours' setting?
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User Info: xOmniCloudx

7 months ago#17
I have had every update of W10 and it only ever gave my problems on my old dying laptop. On my new one every update was quick and gave no problems at all.
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User Info: Black_Assassin

7 months ago#18
My cabin on the Titanic is completely dry, dunno what the rest of the people are screaming about.
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User Info: rusty12000

7 months ago#19
Yeah..... That's why I am still using 7..
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User Info: robert43s

7 months ago#20
Can you even turn off windows update now in 10?
You can pause updates.
But I can no longer see the option to turn it off
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