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Just bought PUBG

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User Info: Zewsdi

7 months ago#1
Any beginner tips?

User Info: iemerg_

7 months ago#2
Zewsdi posted...
Any beginner tips?

go in towns, check houses first, close doors behind you, shotgun is op, always stay ahead of the blue zone, stay on the outside of the zone so nobody ganks you.
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User Info: yohabroha

7 months ago#3
Go to the board for it
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User Info: Terantatek

7 months ago#4
Youtube has plenty of great beginner guides. Where stuff spawns, how to play, what guns are better for what. Aswell as more advanced tactics. I watched a few myself and it really did help.
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User Info: Tigercml

7 months ago#5
Hold Alt to move the camera around without moving your body.
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User Info: ProbesInRobes

7 months ago#6

User Info: Jules Rules

Jules Rules
7 months ago#7
Press B to change firing modes
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User Info: Kokuei05

7 months ago#8
Play first person mode only.
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User Info: Zewsdi

7 months ago#9
Holy f***ing s*** I just won my 3rd match, last man standing out of 90, that was exhilarating as f***.

User Info: PIITB415

7 months ago#10
Zewsdi posted...
Holy f***ing s*** I just won my 3rd match, last man standing out of 90, that was exhilarating as f***.

Worth picking up?
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