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Do you use trainers or cheat engine tables for offline games?

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User Info: bikeblaster

7 months ago#41
Those examples he wrote didn't necessarily correspond to "All the time. Usually not to cheat so much as alter.".

I'm quoting whatever celebar quoted. I'm just saying that's what that sentence means, even though his examples represented nothing of it.

User Info: Shinkoden

7 months ago#42
Yep. Watched a friend play Dark Souls with a trainer and I was like, THIS! This is the fun the game was meant to be for me!

User Info: Villain

7 months ago#43
Only for Lightning Returns Formally known as Will VIIII
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User Info: Knighted Dragon

Knighted Dragon
7 months ago#44
Heisenberg312 posted...
That being said, I love Bloodborne and the dark souls series. I would never cheat on them because the difficulty is the reason I'm playing them in the first place.

Agree with this completely. When I use cheat engine it's just to skip hardcore grinds, and even then it's rare. I don't get people who cheat just to beat the game faster, like why even waste the money on the game? Game stories are trash compared to books, if you just want story go read a book.
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User Info: Jedi454

7 months ago#45
I used cheat engine to change my credit value in Mass Effect 3 multiplayer, which was a painful grind otherwise.
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User Info: -5xad0w-

7 months ago#46

Typically if a game has multiple endings that branch early. (and can't all be seen via one late-game save)
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User Info: Setzera

7 months ago#47
I used to do it so much back in the day that I'd look up cheats before getting the game and not having cheats would affect my choice to rent/buy.

These days I can't be bothered going through all that effort to find ways to safely cheat in games. Plus I almost always play online now and I won't cheat other people, never have, only would against CPU.

Not to say that I haven't been tempted. I bought Xenoverse 2 on PS4, did the tedious grinding of dragon balls by starting new characters to get bascally 7 per hour to gain some levels. Since the last 15 levels in that game are insane, would take weeks just to get from 98 to 99 legit.

When I hit level 99 and wanted to go play online, I remembered that you need PS + now. I considered getting the game again on Steam instead of paying for plus, and to avoid the grind a second time I looked up cheat engine tables. Which I found but then I just felt like I'd have to risk my Steam account just to pass a grind that was intentionally more difficult than was reasonable.

In the end, I just quit playing and sold the game. If Gameshark was as available as it was up to the PS2 era, I'd probably still use it, but instead I just buy waaaaay less games now, because I forsee a grind coming and I don't git gud, I git out the way.

User Info: Jason_Hudson

7 months ago#48
Very rarely. I used it in The Escapists 1 to lock my stats as the stat degradation was absurd.
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User Info: -______-

7 months ago#49
cheated in titanite slabs into dark souls to upgrade all items to max quality

f*** grinding, i dont have the patience to wait on <1% drops anymore. maybe back in high school i'd grind. this is why i only play single player games now. grinding is unbearable

User Info: rpgian

7 months ago#50
Lots of arguing about cheating/altering.Subjective to taste but like everything there is more depth to it than what is seen at surface. What I meant to say was it's no damn fun for me to 99 my stats, lv99 9999 health with 999999 gold from the prologue or something. That's most peoples simple cheat thoughts.

It is however great fun to make alterations to mechanics you don't like (you don't like them right?)

So movement in Nier Automata is kinda slow prior to warp unlocking. Plus maybe you gotta climb a bus or go through the 3f window to get somewhere. Well enter infinite jumping and dashing. Alteration made : I'm a robot humming bird. Gravity is for suckaz. Oh and that place you can't explore like that island roof off the coast that appears on the minimap. I can explorez it, so sad it's empty, but so happy I can haz taboo exploration!

FFX. Nothing a challenge ? Well no point in going collecting 10 of every monster I've fought all game prior to this point. I don't like lowly fights and a box tick saves time for unlocking monsters to give a challenge at arena. Oh lightning 200 really? Well lets set it at 199 and dodge it once. A perfect hour of manically following light on screen like a deranged kitty cat person lost forever. Oh no, the woe, cheats! Curses on them.

Find a problem (your playing the game, if you don't like something it is YOUR problem), solve a problem! That's alteration.

Ima just set the bosses hp to 1 and throw a rock at them to kill them and get a billion exp instead of 500. That's a little bit on the cheat side. Even it can enter in alteration realm though. For example - enter the unkillable bosses. Xenogears. Rico in D block. Ima just set his hp to one and throw a triangle at him since I know I can't win w/o spending 70 hrs grinding to lv99 and ensuring I get atk and def each level up. Maybe something cool happens like he goes WOW MATE. Have a mutant massage from the champ. Xenogears has lots of hidden scenes so maybe? Well nothing unique happens and it took 10 seconds to find out, not 70 extra hours of smashing weird monsters.

Alteration and it's close cousin cheating solves problems and opens the game up for more exploration and sates various fan curiousities.

Cheating is only wrong when you are playing against another person who is playing square. If you are playing online they should reserve a special room for that. Unkillable man vs modified explosion range and firing speed by the ^imagination math. Will the unkillable man be stunlocked by the speedbanger or will a third party summon those zelda chickens at a mass farm rate to crash the visibility of all in a white blur?
That's perfectly fine if everyone knows what they are in for.
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