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Do you use trainers or cheat engine tables for offline games?

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User Info: GigaNutz

6 months ago#1
Oftentimes playing a game within it's own merits is great!
But sometimes using a cheat can offer new ways of playing.

Some games are either grindy or just tough.
Now i've done my share of beating hard games back in the NES days.
Today I just want to enjoy my hobby.

I'm old and don't have the time or patience to "git gud"
git gud is for the high school kids looking for approval from their peers.

I don't always cheat but when I do I push f1 to activate!

User Info: SilentCaay

6 months ago#2
Practically never these days. I just can't be bothered. I used to hack single player games for fun, though, including making gameshark codes for various systems. Every once in awhile a game will still push me to hack it for one reason or another, however.

The last time I did it, this indie game I was playing had stupidly broken equipment at the end of every tech chain that was so ridiculously expensive to research you could never afford a single one normally, let alone spending the same ridiculous amount AGAIN just to produce 1 piece of equipment for 1 unit. There were like 6 or so tech chains so we're talking (ridiculous * 12) to research and produce 6 working pieces of equipment. If you want to attach them to more than 6 units, it's even more than that...

Clearly it was meant to be a joke but I was curious whether the joke equipment was actually coded properly since they were basically unattainable so I tried to hack infinite currency. They were using some weird offset for the currency tracking, though, and it was impossible to nail down. So, I did the next best thing. I hacked the value of the currency rewards given at the end of a stage and set that to a ridiculous amount so every stage completed was a huge payout. Win a couple stages and, BAM, basically infinite currency. The equipment was coded properly and fully functional, FYI.
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User Info: Ultimate_Noob

6 months ago#3
For Just Cause 2 in order to make tethers unbreakable and infinite, yeah. It was just a much more enjoyable game that way (tethering cars together and attaching them to a helicopter, tethering pedestrians to windmills, et cetera) since I already played through it on the 360.
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User Info: Jeh64

6 months ago#4
Ultimate_Noob posted...
For Just Cause 2 in order to make tethers unbreakable and infinite, yeah. It was just a much more enjoyable game that way (tethering cars together and attaching them to a helicopter, tethering pedestrians to windmills, et cetera) since I already played through it on the 360.

That sounds hilariously awesome!

User Info: Atrix65

6 months ago#5
Yep, sometimes, why not. As long as it's SP.
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User Info: oblique365

6 months ago#6
Theres no point. Games are easy nowadays and cheating only ruins the challenge. It was more worth it on the nes.
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User Info: Massaca

6 months ago#7
Yeah. No hotkeys though. Also Cheat Engine in general for speed hacks (Dark Souls 1 and Ys Origin)

Dark Souls 1/2/3 every time I start a new game cause I like to have my fav armour from the start, to give myself a heap of Bonfire Ascetics in DkS2 and and for if 'm having horrid luck with farming ears in 1/3 or titanite chunks in 2.

Used to for Salt and Sanctuary for the same reasons, fashion and awful luck. But then I found out about the built-in cheat menu and just went with that. Also lets you have some fun spawning enemies and bosses.

Dragon's Dogma to see how bad the BitterBlack Purification tables wer for me... Armour and Gear were quite bad >_> (didn't cheat through it all though other than giving myself an Elite Lantern).

Deus Ex MD for some praxis, guns and unlimited ammo for a quick fun run after doing the full stealth no kill stuff.

Edit: Oh I forgot, I also cheated incendiary grenades in Resident Evil 1 HD so I could blast the spiders without looking, couldn't handle them. And I had no idea at the time if I was going to need the rounds later (which I didn't).
Borderlands 2 now, for when I just want to resume where I was with my same amount of anarchy stacks (sometimes). Also used the super jump height one once to get unstuck from somewhere.

Lightning Returns to get some crappy locked skills of some of my fav outfits.

Ys Origin/AoN/OiF when I can't be bothered with the grind a level when I get stuck at a boss on Nightmare cause I'm bad (only the last boss in Origin, can't remember for the others). And I cheat Kishgal 2 and Chester cause I hate those fights (and again, I'm bad). Plus for the 200k or 500k SP (can't remember) for the speed upgrade for Yunica at the start. Oh and for Boost if I don't have enough when I speak to a Roo as Toal. The only "I need/want cheats to get through this" ones I've used.

Cash in Xanadu Next to try different stuff to decide what to go for (and they don't tell you what weapon skills are before purchasing them).

And once for inf health in Pokemon Sacred Gold cause I accidentally walked into the one time only Lance/Clair vs You/Rival fight 20 levels below them >_> And I hadn't saved in quite a while...
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User Info: SinisterSlay

6 months ago#8
Yes often. Usually to avoid grind in games like nep or trails.
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User Info: Silvererazor

6 months ago#9
In the past, when cloudsaves weren't a thing for most games. Sometimes I lost the saves due to forgetting to back them up before I format my PC or any other reason. So I used cheats to rush to the point in the game, where i was before.

User Info: PhilOnDez

6 months ago#10
Not generally anymore. When I first started pc gaming I used the save editors for Borderlands 1/2 to recreate my characters from the 360 versions, and I think I did that for a few other games as well though I can't name them off the top of my head.

If I was playing a game with incredibly tedious to unlock endgame items I might cheat to try them out and see which ones I'd want to work towards. If a game supports save scumming I'm not against using a cheat to get rid of the rng I'm trying to overcome in the first place since that's just a waste of my time. Enchanting+ is one in particular I use, it adds a new enchantment table to Minecraft that lets you control your enchants instead of having to save scum or deal with books to get perfect items.
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