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User Info: tzuyd

7 months ago#171
DarkZV2Beta posted...
I think the thing your missing is who's pushing the political agenda on other people.

They always do. And they usually project their own hypocrisy on others in the process.

TrashPandaJedi posted...
Yea PC gamers have pretty bad reputation and this doesnt help

Actually it's done just the opposite; this time around Steam has actually actioned a superior review system. This time, the review bombers provoked positive change.

jakisthe posted...
>Ostensibly fights against censorship

as opposed to you..
>ostensibly fights for censorship
>complains about a perceived form of censorship that affects a viewpoint you hold

If he only wants one side to be allowed to speak their opinion, you are arguing that you only want your side to be able to suppress an opinion.

jakisthe posted...
To you. Others disagree.

They are wrong, of course. Hate requires intent.

jakisthe posted...
Sounds like you want to censor their response.

Their response was illegal. A legal reaction to criminal affairs is proportionately adequate.

jakisthe posted...
You'll say "it's not meant to be used that way!", and then ignore that the same could be said for the other side,

Sure, it could be said, but the person saying it would look like a fool. Legal action has no equivalence to illegal action.

jakisthe posted...
You're missing the part where it's still striking back; a politically motivated action designed to create a chilling effect, saying "don't do that again, devs", except you keep getting caught up on the exact minutea

Irrelevant, given that as he stated, nobody has taken away the devs' point, nor their ability to counterpoint. PDPs input was removed with no recovery. And it wasn't even a related subject matter.

You probably think the circles you are running around yourself are really smart, too.
I sexually identify as a 100% inoffensively correct person. My pronouns are 'yes', 'uh huh' and 'absolutely'.

User Info: matu90rk

7 months ago#172

Remember to not give away clicks to these kind of sites. They profit off this made-up controversy.

User Info: tzuyd

7 months ago#173
^ Good point.

jakisthe posted...
I'm sure you don't care that CS will suffer financially either, because that's ok,

Indeed. It was self-imposed.

jakisthe posted...
CS also didn't shut down a major quantitative metric of PDPs sole product on a huge online marketplace

Actually, that is literally what they did do - the removed video is a quantitative metric in regards to both number of videos and total playing time of product on his channel, and in contrast literally nobody has done the same to CS.

Truly, it baffles.

No doubt. Your flailing is like watching a car crash.

jakisthe posted...
I'm going to call that hypocrisy and a misunderstanding of the broader concept of censorship

Indeed, but you've proven the misunderstanding in on your end.

DarkZV2Beta posted...
Or, hey, maybe he said it because he thought it would be funny. IDFK, I don't watch those videos.

The *STREAM* in question, it was definitely said in anger. But he has used the same word in previous videos to comedic effect.

Bleu_Skie posted...
If you give up security, how are you going to maintain your freedom?

Reasoned, well adjusted adults are able to maintain freedom with security of their own measures. Government enforced security is security for the government, not the populace.
I sexually identify as a 100% inoffensively correct person. My pronouns are 'yes', 'uh huh' and 'absolutely'.

User Info: tzuyd

7 months ago#174
And a special case that gets a response all for him...

Bleu_Skie posted...
My god, you sure do love to assume a lot dont you?

No, I just chose to take your words at face value.

Too bad I'm not the sort who feels the need to correct them.

Indeed. That's where the 'agree to disagree' assessment came from.

Quotes aren't a basis for argument.

The words that constitute the quotes are.

That guy once said something so I'm right sounds silly doesn't it?

Are you arguing that the application of quotes around sentences invalidates the sentences? In which case, everything you've said is wrong, as I have clearly quoted you above.

There are laws, order, and safety to govern that freedom. One without the other is useless.

Indeed. Safety without freedom is slavery.

We are arguing for both. You are arguing against both.

And lol at proper education.

I would urge you to reconsider.
I sexually identify as a 100% inoffensively correct person. My pronouns are 'yes', 'uh huh' and 'absolutely'.

User Info: Beasthunt

7 months ago#175
good_mangorush posted...
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User Info: Perfect Zeratul

Perfect Zeratul
7 months ago#176
Just put blue on ignore.
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User Info: RainblowDash

7 months ago#177
Pulling game videos for copyright is such a s***ty thing to do.

User Info: DmanTee

6 months ago#178
Perfect Zeratul posted...
Just put blue on ignore.
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