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Strategy games where diplomacy works

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User Info: ArmoredcoreR

7 months ago#1
Im looking for pc games where you can build relations over time and when you go to war your allies will join you and help you in a fight.

For Example:

In NOBUNAGA'S AMBITION: Sphere of Influence you can build relations with an another force form an alliance with them and before you attack an enemy you can request help and they will send it with little delay.
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User Info: Moonse

7 months ago#2
I know your plight since I played Romance of the Three Kingdoms series on the PS2.
There aren't many that'll scratch the itch. Check out the Romance of the Three Kingdoms though.

Koei Tecmo has a very checkered history. They made both NA and RotK series and they have the tendency of making one great game such as RotK 10 and then they make the absolutely crap games known as RotK 11 and 12. Nobunaga's Ambition Sphere of Influence is definitely one of their finest and most polished titles.

RotK 13 I hear is "if you liked 10, you'll like 13" so maybe check that out, it's on Steam.

They're very similar games but in RotK 10 and 13 it's more RPG oriented as you play as a single individual and climb ranks in a faction or desert them or do whatever you'd like to be frank. You can become a liege as well if you get enough support of fellow officers to throw a coup, making the game more similar to NA in that you just order officers around to do your bidding. All the diplomacy options in NA are in RotK as well. Really friggin neat stuff.

Crusader Kings 2 is also another game ripe with diplomacy, very different game, though.
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User Info: candlefighter

7 months ago#3
The Civilization and Age of Empires should have these though I'm not sure you can get the AI to attack other civs in Civilization. It could be possible.

User Info: rpgian

7 months ago#4
You can make ai declare war on other civs in civ on lower difficulties pretty easy sometimes tech req. On higher difficulties their opinion is pretty much screw you over all things trade. It's not the same, they implement unit gifting with city states but no where on the level on what he means. Civ allies are back stabby.

Potentially in scenarios or custom rulesets where you hardlock in the alliance where player 1 and ai player 2,3,4 are a team vs 5-10 or something you might see some interesting co-op and they may be less pricks when asking for aid.

User Info: kblaze13

7 months ago#5
yeah diplomacy in Civ always seems to be really lacking.

especially with things like warmonger.

Civ A vastly inferior to myself declares war against me and attacks.
I completey crush their forces pushing them all the way back to their patheticly small and underdeveloped home.

Me:Alright look you stabbed me in the toe, and i just knocked your f***ing teeth out, now stop being a douche and sign the peace treaty.

*squish* that's the sound of my tanks rolling over their spearmen...WARMONGER!

Me:OH C'MON...f*** it time to make this game Fallout.
Iightningz posted...
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User Info: ganondorf77

7 months ago#6
candlefighter posted...
The Civilization and Age of Empires should have these though I'm not sure you can get the AI to attack other civs in Civilization. It could be possible.

No. Civ Ai and diplomacy are both horrible even in VI and AoE has nothing like diplomacy at all.

User Info: -5xad0w-

7 months ago#7
Stellaris maybe?
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User Info: arleas

7 months ago#8
ganondorf77 posted...
AoE has nothing like diplomacy at all.

Well you can start the game with an AI as an ally and they'll help you, but they'll also cry for help a bunch on their own.

In AoE III I hated being teamed up with the Portuguese since that meant listening to Henry the Navigator whine about being attacked and suggesting we just give up all the time.

I'd say try Rise of Nations. Either that or maybe one of the Paradox strategy games?
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User Info: fallen_acolyte

7 months ago#9
-5xad0w- posted...
Stellaris maybe?


Stellaris you can be very diplomatic and alter how enemy cpus feel about you based on how you progress your expansion. you can be very Canadian and just want peace and no wars... build your empire then go 100% American and conquer for resources.
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User Info: Borticus1

7 months ago#10
Galactic Civilization II or III.
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