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Can a bad storage drive cause a computer to not boot?

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User Info: Duarian

6 months ago#1
I've never encountered this issue before, so I figured I would get some input. I have three hard drives in my computer - one 256gb SSD for OS, 1 - 1TB mechanical for storage, and 1 - 1TB SSD for games and whatnot.

All of the sudden last night my computer locked up, and now it refuses to boot up unless I unplug my 1TB SSD. The system just hangs at the bios splash screen, and I can't do anything. I tried booting up into windows without it, and plugging it in and seeing if it recognizes it but it does not. I'm assuming it's a bad drive.. but why would a drive that has nothing to do with the boot cause it to lock up in post?

User Info: ApexMjolnir

6 months ago#2
Yeah. especially if it is the boot drive.

This is why I never use SSD anymore.
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User Info: Duarian

6 months ago#3
ApexMjolnir posted...
Yeah. especially if it is the boot drive.

This is why I never use SSD anymore.

That's the odd thing, it's not the boot drive. Just a storage drive.

User Info: godplaysSNES

6 months ago#4
The S.M.A.R.T feature has given me an error message at POST and prompted me to go into the BIOS before I could boot into Windows. It also severely lenghtened the whole boot process.
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User Info: mucloud

6 months ago#5
If you got a bad one yes.

SSDs are reliable now and HDDs last longer then SSDs.
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User Info: arleas

6 months ago#6
If you're waiting at the BIOS screen and it won't go further that's probably because the drive isn't responding and so BIOS is still waiting. You should probably leave it unplugged while you boot up, then if it's SATA and you can hot swap it just plug it in later and see if you can get your stuff off of it...otherwise it may be like Kenshiro says to his hard drives.
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User Info: zxxcman

6 months ago#7
I can't see why not.
I've had issues where my computer froze because a storage HDD tried to read from a bad sector, so unless the computer is set up to not access any drive aside from the boot one till the OS is ready, a bad storage drive can cause it to not boot.
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User Info: gundamaniacx20a

6 months ago#8
Yep, happened to my brother aew months ago. Pulled bad drive out, pc booted.
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User Info: FaultBoy

6 months ago#9
happened to me
the computer spends several minutes trying to recongize the bad drive and failing
unplug it and boots instantly

User Info: PhilOnDez

6 months ago#10
I've never had my pc not boot but a dying, rarely used storage drive (not my boot drive) caused me all kinds of hell for several months before I finally figured out that it was the problem. It definitely wasn't problems I'd generally attribute to an unused dying drive but as soon as I pulled it out my pc was as good as a clean install without having to do the reinstall.
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