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Steam Bamco Sale or wait?

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User Info: Gamefreek2000

5 months ago#11
arleas posted...
see what the historical low was... if it's equal to or greater than the low, then buy... if it's above the historical low but you can see that it was a long LONG time ago where it hit that point, maybe buy....

Otherwise, wait.

Interesting site. Thx for the info; very handy.

wantfastcars posted...
On a related note is Berseria worth $25? I've seen a few gameplay videos and it looks pretty fun, but I've never played a Tales game before.

I haven't played Tales of Berseria yet, mainly because I have Tales of Zestiria backlogged which has connections to Berseria in terms of story, but I've always really enjoyed the Tales games. They are kinda like the anime version of final fantasy. Usually a 40-60+ hour story rich jrpg with references to passed games in terms of magic, abilities, items, ect. Not much in replayability other than a New Game+ but the story is always been satisfying enough I never felt the need to replay a tales games till a few years down the line. I'd say $25 is a fair price. I'd probably buy it for $20-25. But the thing is, is that the Tales series is has always been a single player experience with no online or multiplayer so there is no reason why you should get it now over later when its cheaper. Tales of Zestiria is $12.50 on steam atm too, I'm sure Tales of Berseria will probably be that price by next year. You'll get the same experience either way its just a matter of how long you want to wait for the price.
If you want to get in control, you must be calm like the wind. If you didn't notice, you cant beat the wind. --BlackWinds (me)

User Info: NeoSioType

5 months ago#12
Go ahead and get DkS3 and you can play it now. If you're backlog is really big then waiting until the winter isn't a problem.

I'm not sure what's going on with DkS1. They really don't want to put it on sale. It didn't have a price cut during the summer sale either.
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