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What Multiplayer games do you regularly play and why?

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User Info: maybecalls

6 months ago#31
I only play one game online. M & B Warband. Mostly Siege or Invasion. Occasionally Battle or Team Deathmatch.

User Info: Ultimate_Noob

6 months ago#32
Neverwinter Nights. It has a larger-than-expected community still thriving for a game that was released back in 2002.
Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide. I'm a sucker for some progression elements like loot, so a Left 4 Dead clone with them has held my attention pretty long.
Overwatch. It was an easy game to get into. I think that's its best selling point.
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User Info: darkhouse999

6 months ago#33
Right now only two, Overwatch and GW2. That is all my time allows for right now.
current PC,

User Info: richisdisturbed

6 months ago#34

I'm VERY competitive and finally reached that point in life when I simply don't have the time to put in to be as good at a game as I would like, I barely get to play currently as it is, despite buying Witcher 3 GOTY, Dark Souls 3, & Rise of the Tomb Raider over the last 10 or days.

I must be stupid!
Idiots voting for idiots.

User Info: bikeblaster

6 months ago#35
Come to think of it, I don't play any multiplayer game regularly anymore.

User Info: Hexenherz

6 months ago#36
Just MMOs and Rocket League. I was never big into MMOs growing up but for some reason I've found myself attracted to them for the social aspect :\

User Info: kukukupo

6 months ago#37
Splatoon 2 is pretty much it.

User Info: PFreece

6 months ago#38
Do people actually think Overwatch still has a high playerbase?

There's a reason Blizzard doesn't release player counts for that game.

In a typical PUBG match there are several bots, so take whatever player counts they say with a grain of salt.

User Info: jjyiz28

6 months ago#39
BF bad company 2
black squad
dirty bomb
Warhammer End Times - Vermintide

User Info: Kharillle

6 months ago#40
Mount & Blade Warband. Usually only play single player games in the past. After getting addicted to warband, a few months later I tried the multiplayer. Easy to get into and great for short 10-15 minute sessions, if only to spectate. Wish I could spectate in mechwarrior online. At least I haven't figured out how to.
No time for games so I twitch. Youtube is good. Two monitors at any one time. My graphics card ist krap.
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