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What Multiplayer games do you regularly play and why?

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  3. What Multiplayer games do you regularly play and why?

User Info: USF

7 months ago#21
I usually hop around between Rainbow Six Siege, Overwatch, Diablo 3 when seasons start, and nowadays PUBG.

Siege: Because I love tactical gameplay, and Siege is fantastic.
Overwatch: When I feel like playing some arcadey hero shooter.
Diablo 3: I enjoy fresh seasons and gives me that braindead put on some music and just slay monsters gameplay.
PUBG: I f***ing hate this game, but my best friend of 24 years gifted to me because he moved across the planet for work and he wanted us to play something together. So now I play it with him when he's on.
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User Info: lostsymphony

7 months ago#22
Yewolife posted...
lostsymphony posted...
FFXI is a totally different game than FFXIV. I had played WoW at a fairly high end for a long time, too, and FFXIV is just worse that. FFXI is very old-school, very difficult, and very community-based. No raid-finder, cross-server, etc. The game has horizontal gear progression, so outside of (essentially) two major events in the game's history, all sorts of different gear and content is relevant.

Not many people will be able to get passed how primitive it is. It is truly an Everquest 1 clone. But, I was already used to the presentation from playing it when it was more modern. And to me, there is no comparison to the feeling of downing an NM in FFXI that you worked hard to put a party together for and worked hard to even spawn most likely. Queuing up for a duty finder just ain't the same.
Man I really appreciate you explaining, and it correlates with what my friend said very well in terms of the horizontal progression, grinding for gear, and getting people together for events.

Coming from someone who played mmos all the time, although more terrible Korean based ones, I can definitely relate to how accomplishing big fights by gathering folks instead of the immediacy of duty finder that makes most events more monotonous instead of rewarding.

Yeah man, to me, it's what multiplayer cooperative games should be. It can feel just as awesome getting someone in your Linkshell (guild) a great drop as it can feel if you got a great drop. Real sense of working together and adventure with friends.

User Info: MMG_

7 months ago#23
MOBAs, Hearthstone, DBD and some coop vs AI.
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User Info: xnoelz

7 months ago#24
Been playing GTA V and Warframe a lot lately.

User Info: Cool_Dude667

7 months ago#25
Starcraft 2, Killing Floor 2, Hearthstone, Final Fantasy 14 Stormsblood, Totla War Warhammer, and Xcom 2 is what I've been playing recently. Need to finish my 2nd play through of witcher 3 dlc too.
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User Info: Hagan

7 months ago#26
I've basically been playing Overwatch exclusively since its release with some Heroes of the Storm and PUBG sprinkled in.

I think I might drop Overwatch and pick up Destiny 2 when that comes out.
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User Info: Ghost_Turtle

7 months ago#27
Playing Rocket League 2v2 or 3v3 with some friends has almost become a nightly thing for me.
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User Info: BrokenMachine85

7 months ago#28
Currently just Quake Champions (PC) and Splatoon 2 (Switch). Depends how tired my brain is after a day at work honestly.
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User Info: realfreako

7 months ago#29
PUBG - I just really enjoy and have fun playing this now
Siege - Getting kills in this game is just really satisfying

Sprinkle of some survival EA game (Rust, Forest, 7 Days To Die, etc)
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User Info: Fantana88

7 months ago#30
The last few years I've really started to gravitate towards slightly slower-paced shooters

Day of Infamy
Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm

I've been thinking about trying to give Rising Storm 2: Vietnam another shot. I'm really loving this style of shooter that I used to find really intimidating.
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