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Ready for Okami?

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User Info: Landojesus

6 months ago#41
I'll buy it if someone mods a hard mode into it. If not I'll stick with my othwr copies.
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User Info: Death_Born

6 months ago#42
I already beat it, but good for the people who haven't. It's annoying how half the games nowadays from AAA's are just remasters, though, and they don't bother to make sequels.

The game is nowhere near the best game ever made, it has way too much length and filler, but it's quite a great Zelda style game.

User Info: Zanimar

6 months ago#43
Ratchetrockon posted...

idk about you but I was running DMC 4 on my laptop w/ a 750ti equivalent graphics card @ 120 fps 1080p even on Legendary Dark Knight Mode with the entire screen riddled with demons.

Dragon's Dogma runs at 1440p Ultra while sustaining 120ish fps across the board with my current card.

I was running Resident Evil 7 @ 1440p and it was running above 60 fps on my old gtx 1080. Don't remember the settings I used but it wasn't maxed out.


You missed the point of my clearly sarcastic post. v_v

Jedi454 posted...
It's not about hating Capcom, it's about how some of these ports get locked at 30fps for that very reason.

Capcom has shown that they are willing to have games run at 60 fps. Dragon's Dogma is a perfect example as it originally ran at 30 fps on PS3, but for the PC release made it capable of running at 60 (no idea if they allowed higher fps than that though). My point was that when it comes to Capcom and their PC ports, they tend to always have them running at 60 fps, even when consoles may run them at 30.

Now if this was Namco or Square Enix, then I'd be more inclined to agree with your worry of the game being 30 fps, but Capcom has shown that while they may be terrible at some stuff, their PC ports have been top notch over the past few years.
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User Info: Voxwik

5 months ago#44
It's not a matter of being "willing" even Kaldaien has said it likely was not realistic to be able to budget the changes necessary for official 60fps support for Tales of Zestiria and Tales of Symphonia. He had plenty of other criticisms about the ports; but 30fps wasn't one of them because he said it would have been too expensive for them to change it with their likely port budget.

It is entirely dependent on the game and how convoluted they have things tied to directly to the FPS.
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