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Ready for Okami?

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User Info: GeseztKatze

6 months ago#1
Okami is coming to PC in 4K, with 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio and all the goodies. It's one of my favourite games ever so the money for it is already saved.

Have you ever played it? Are you excited about it?
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User Info: Pelaaja82

6 months ago#2
Played the original ps2 game, played some of the Wii version and also checked out the ps3 Okami hd version too and this game sure is one of the best ones i have ever played, but i dont need a second round, but i am happy that others can enjoy it too.
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User Info: celebar

6 months ago#3
TC is a capcom employee.
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User Info: VanderZoo

6 months ago#4
Will it have Denuvo?

User Info: Risa_Omomo

6 months ago#5
I played Okami 2 instead because I thought this game would never come to PC.

Okami 2:

Now that the original game is here, I lost all interest because it's 30+ hours long (30 hours is too long for an action game), and I didn't like the experience I got from the sequel. I also do not like the "fake" language that they use in the series. The cel-shaded graphic artstyle ain't my cup of tea too. The only thing I liked about the series is Sakuya's "Peach" butt. That's it. It looked juicy and pink.
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User Info: ArkonBlade

6 months ago#6
Played it on wii first and the wiimote made it impossible to play. Played it again on the PS3 and beat it and it was a amazing game. will get it on PC .
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User Info: Bleu_Skie

6 months ago#7
Yep. When I thought the game was over, it was like nope. Here is 10+ more hours lol. So much to like about the game.
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User Info: Darth_Kamcio

6 months ago#9
It's a better Zelda game than Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword were.
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User Info: Born Lucky

Born Lucky
6 months ago#10
I have Okami for the PS2 , but I will happily put it on my Steam wishlist, for when it goes on sale, depending on what they're charging for it.
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