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There's nearly 200 gb on my pc that's unaccounted for, how do I find it?

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  3. There's nearly 200 gb on my pc that's unaccounted for, how do I find it?

User Info: saspa

6 months ago#11
How do I check if that's the problem?

User Info: Jason_Hudson

6 months ago#12
Black_Assassin posted...

Voted too. Great program, personally I use it to see what games are the largest so I can prioritise them first and get them off my system.
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User Info: Marikhen

6 months ago#13
I've noticed that Windows sometimes doesn't delete all the files in the Recycle Bin folder(s).

There are other issues such as folders you don't have permissions to access showing up as used space in the drive summary page but not having their space counted when you check folder sizes so that, as an example, if the Windows folder took up 10GB but you didn't have permission to access half the files in it its properties would only display 5GB used. Even though the My Computer/This PC/whatever listing of all of your drives would show the full, accurate amount of used space.

Temp folders such as Users\Account\AppData\local\temp tend to get a bunch of crap dumped in them as well, and some versions of the Visual C++ redistributable file installers will unpack the contents of their archives onto seemingly random drives as loose files in the root of the directory.

For that matter, restore points aren't the only way that Windows can waste space in backing up data. Just the built-in data backup software can easily waste 1TB of drive space on 5GB worth of data you by saving RAM states and other useless data if you're not careful, and paranoid/thorough, in how you set the backup process up.

Most of that should be more easily noticeable via WinDirStat than just eyeballing everything though. As for checking to see if there's a problem, it boils down to actually looking at drive/file/folder sizes and looking for things that seem to be using more drive space than they ought to.

Just do be aware of that whole can't-see-sizes-without-permissions thing, however, because if you find a folder that's taking up twice the drive space that it reports then while there could be an issue/bug there it could more easily be legitimate files that your OS won't let you "see" until you get those permissions.
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User Info: ElDudorino

6 months ago#14
Also, 1TB drives are really only .91TB. So there's space to be found but it's more like 100gigs than 200.

User Info: Shay_the_Rogue

6 months ago#15
Check your browser's cache, chrome keeps a lot in it's cache especially if you ever download from

User Info: RyanEsau

6 months ago#16
+1 to WinDirStat.

Heard about it awhile ago.

Ended up finding some files I didn't know about. My video editor actually had a cache... so naturally those underlying video files were taking up space =/
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User Info: Lugoves

6 months ago#17
WinDirStat. Funny enough I was just using this on a client's PC at work when I saw this post. :P
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User Info: Paulo_Lopes

6 months ago#18
maybe you have a "windows.old" folder still around from an update.
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User Info: Termin8r

6 months ago#19
Or try SpaceSniffer if you don't like WinDirStat.

User Info: arjames13

6 months ago#20
Right click the hard drive in question and go to properties. Then click "disk cleanup". Towards the bottom of that window you will see "Clean up system files", click that. Go through the list and look for anything taking up a lot of space. Temporary internet files, Windows update files, Windows old files. Stuff like that. Check what you wand to delete and press ok.
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  3. There's nearly 200 gb on my pc that's unaccounted for, how do I find it?

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