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Is 40+ FPS good for all games except FPS?

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User Info: Terrorknight3

6 months ago#1
I heard that 60 FPS for FPS games can have a slight advantage.

FOr games like THe Witcher 3 then 40+ FPS and 60+ FPS isn't really noticeable right?

User Info: ChaseFAQs

6 months ago#2
No 60fps is advantageous for every genre except maybe turn based RPGs.

User Info: TimePharaoh

6 months ago#3
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User Info: Rhyten

6 months ago#4
It's all personal. I can't stand 30 fps, but will play it and get used to it if it's the only way. Now that I have a 144hz monitor, it's tough to go back to 60 even. For any game.
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User Info: SubjectNineteen

6 months ago#5
As a gamer who played almost exclusively on consoles, at 30 or so FPS, for most of my life...

60 FPS, plus, is where it's at. Once I built my gaming rig and experienced a steady, solid 60 FPS (I'm capped there because I play on a 4K TV) for the first time, it was magic. I can still handle 30, because I'm used to it, but 60 is great. I can't imagine 144 FPS.

I have no idea where a higher FPS would be a disadvantage.
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User Info: Rhyten

6 months ago#6
SubjectNineteen posted...
I have no idea where a higher FPS would be a disadvantage.

Maybe on a badly made game, where higher FPS speeds up the entire game. But that's the devs fault.
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User Info: ChaseFAQs

6 months ago#7
60 fps is essential for first person shooters, driving games, fighters, platformers and even third person shooters and third person character action games.

Try playing Forza Horizon 3 at 60 fps on the PC and then try playing it at 30 fps on the Xbox, it looks like a slide show in comparison. Of course if you've never tasted 60fps you would never know the difference and ignorance here would be bliss and you would be perfectly fine with the 30fps.

User Info: WhiteRosse

6 months ago#8
More fps is always preferable, and almost always an advantage. Unless you are playing some form of turn-based game.

Use whatever your rig can run. IMO 60 fps should be the base.
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User Info: Kokuei05

6 months ago#9
Anything lower than 60 looks like the game is skipping frames.
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User Info: jgatlabayan

6 months ago#10
it still surprises me that Final Fantasy 7 ran at 15fps
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