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so Steam is a corrupt monopoly to some PC devs and gamers?

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  3. so Steam is a corrupt monopoly to some PC devs and gamers?

User Info: CrestedTax

6 months ago#31
pyromania86 posted...
CrestedTax posted...
It's funny how every succesful business is treated as corrupt and greedy solely based on the fact that they are successful. Maybe, just maybe, these companies have obtained a significant portion of the market because they were able to offer a better service than the competition.

Agreed to an extent. I mean many large corps are corrupt due to their monopolies in their market. But makes you wonder why so many people want companies to suffer or do poorly.. One day I would like to open my own business as I am a general manager for a corporation and have the experience.. But if or when my business becomes successful I think it will bring out "haters" that are just upset they don't have what I worked so hard to build. A successful business deserves credit if the majority of consumers are happy with its service.

I have nothing against MS or Steam and respect their success and am thankful we do have these companies. Without Steam who knows where PC gaming would be today..

I agree that there are corrupt companies, although I believe they achieve these monopolies and become corrupt in most cases because of the government.
But in any case, it shouldn't be the rule to treat every big company as corrupt and greedy, because most of them are doing more good than people realize.
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User Info: Shinobi120

6 months ago#32
The 30% cut is basically a standard. Valve/Steam aren't the only ones that do this.
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  3. so Steam is a corrupt monopoly to some PC devs and gamers?

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