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What's the best free anti-virus to get?

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User Info: galfasanta1111

7 months ago#1
What would you guys recommend? I heard AVG was good before but has gone downhill.

User Info: Chaos_Missile

7 months ago#2
Personally using Avast for a decade now.
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User Info: BrokenMachine85

7 months ago#3
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User Info: jefis

7 months ago#4
Free antiviruses are bad. Sure they kinda do the job, but really when you get a virus, it can't do s*** to get rid of it.
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User Info: CommonGrackle

7 months ago#5
I got rid of AVG after years as it did nothing but give me popups.

if you're cheap you'll just stick with windows defender, ublock origin, malwarebytes, and not visit any shady websites, but hey that's just me...
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User Info: Termin8r

7 months ago#7
If you're on Windows then just stick with Defender.

User Info: Kokuei05

7 months ago#8
I'm fine with Windows defender. As long as you don't pirate s*** or download garbage software, you're fine with defender.
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User Info: MikeRiley

7 months ago#9
Defender here too.
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User Info: Lienhart

7 months ago#10
Windows 10 comes with one. And it works just fine.
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  3. What's the best free anti-virus to get?

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