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24" 720p TV or 32" 1080p TV for PS4 ?

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User Info: Kano92

6 months ago#1
Either TV I'll be around 2 to 3 feet away. TV will be on a computer desk and I'll be sitting in my computer chair. The 24" TV is a newer LG LED TV, the 32in is a older Samsung LCD TV by the way.

If it matters my PC monitor is a 1080p 24" and no I'm not hooking up a console to it, I've tried and ran into problems which I don't want to discuss.

Which would you choose and why ?

User Info: ElDudorino

6 months ago#2
Is this a serious question? 720p TVs tend to use lower-quality parts plus there's the obvious lower resolution. And on top of that, the lower-end TV is half the size.
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  3. 24" 720p TV or 32" 1080p TV for PS4 ?

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