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I just reached 10k hours played on Steam

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User Info: Tyranius2

7 months ago#1

Finally. And that was done with no idling or any shenanigans of the sort.

Tonight I'll pop a bottle of champagne.

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User Info: Cobra1010

7 months ago#2
How do you get those statistics? I want to know mine.
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User Info: arczero_x

7 months ago#3
Not enough. You need to play more!
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User Info: Terantatek

7 months ago#4
Cobra1010 posted...
How do you get those statistics? I want to know mine.

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User Info: Riot55555

7 months ago#5
I'm really curious to know the total playtime of ALL games in my whole life. I'd say I'm a heavy user all the way since 1993. ~~
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User Info: Bleu_Skie

7 months ago#6
Nice, that's over a year of non stop gaming. Time well spent.
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User Info: astelion

7 months ago#7

Sadly, my profile is private.
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User Info: Digital Storm

Digital Storm
7 months ago#8
Lightweight, I've got ten thousand plus in ONE game.
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User Info: RyanEsau

7 months ago#9
Didn't know there was something like that. Tried it but steam was down at the time, now that it's back up I did both of my accounts and I'm at 11,686 hours.

Like 4,742 of those hours is just Counter-Strike: Source alone, lol. Those were some fun days. Followed up by Terraria at 1.5K, Garry's Mod at 1.2K (Played alot of PERP/Pulsar Effect Role Play in a specific community before it went down) and TF2 at like 800.

So like 7.2K/11.6K is just from a few games, lol.

All my other games are mostly around 100 hours or over a few hundred at most. I don't stick to a single game for a extended period of time anymore really. I like to keep moving game to game.

I might get hooked on a MMORPG (F2P) like Warframe though for a few hundred hours if I have nothing else I want to play.

astelion posted...

Sadly, my profile is private.

Make it public for like 1 minute? That's what I did for my old account. I keep it private but I logged in and made it public just long enough to run it through the calculator since I was curious.
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User Info: ssringo

7 months ago#10
Digital Storm posted...
Lightweight, I've got ten thousand plus in ONE game.

Team Fortress 2? Dota?

WoW is my 10k+ game. :(
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