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Humble spooky bundle(with Alien Isolation!).

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User Info: Otimus

8 months ago#21
ApexMjolnir posted...
I'm only interested in Alien Isolation, but it does not include the DLC, so, I guess I 'm not interested in it either.

I mean for $5, I can give away the other games like usual... But I think I'll just opt for Shadow Warrior 2 bundle. Since I already own the First one, its actually cheaper to get the bundle of 2+classic... than to just get 2.

The steam bundle is further discounted if you already own the first one, that's why it's cheaper
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User Info: sfcalimari

8 months ago#22
Bleu_Skie posted...
Because you can only play scary games in october smh.

It's not as spooky if it isn't October.

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User Info: wizardmon

8 months ago#23
Why Master_Faust can't see any posts on PCH:
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