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Name 3 PC Games You Thought Were Fun

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User Info: OptimusRekt

8 months ago#1
I tend to only buy games that I am fairly certain to enjoy, so it got me to thinking what 3 games you guys would recommend for the sheer fun level you had with them. Also, if you wanted to add any games that you got lots of replay value out of, go ahead.

My 3 games:

Shantae and the Pirate's Curse: Just an overall good platformer with super funny parts in it. It was an experience, that's for sure. I wouldn't mind replaying it some day.

Mad Max: Simply the best version of Mad Max I've ever played. Scary at times, boring at times, pure adrenaline at times, this game knows how to build suspense and awesome action.

Borderlands 2: The only game I've bought 3 times over because I love it so much. Art style, etc., I can't say anything more about it than has already been said.

Honorable mention: Shovel Knight! Best NES-retro style game I've ever played ^_^ I still have lots to do in it and I've played over 12 hours.
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User Info: Pox

8 months ago#2
Alien: Isolation
Stardew Valley
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User Info: Ghost_Turtle

8 months ago#3
Borderlands 2 I had so much fun with with 2 other folks I know in RL when it came out. We was spread out across states and would just hop on every night and jam. Did that for a few months.

Rocket League is another that me and a buddy play atleast 3-4 times a week currently. I really only play with him which has kinda f***ed me up bc its hard to play with PUGs now.

Civ V. Again, spread across states, me and a few others would plan out random marathon sessions that could last for weeks.
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User Info: Maximoom

8 months ago#4
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User Info: MuttonBasher

8 months ago#5
Stardew Valley. My expectations were low going in, mostly because I've had a love/hate relationship with HM over the years. I was blown away. The music, the art, the mechanics, the dialog... it's gorgeous, relaxing, and satisfying. It became one of my favorite games of all time.

I can't name any other recent games. I only have a laptop, so that's the only modern game I've been able to play.
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User Info: BrokenMachine85

8 months ago#6
Diablo 3
Quake Champions
Team Fortress 2
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User Info: Massaca

8 months ago#7
Ys Origin - put 127-ish hours into this. I'd guess it'd be 10-15 hours for a first playthrough. Fantastic yet simple isometric hack n slash. I love everything about this game except the few human bosses. The gameplay, monster bosses, several themed areas going up the tower, music, art, all just superb IMO. And you get three different characters that play differently (well, 2 are similar) each with 3 unique elemental skills (fire, lightning, wind). Can be quite a challenge too. It also has boss time attacks, boss rushes, 8 or 9 arena trials and 5 or 6 difficulty levels.
One of my fav games, and it has a demo of half a stage and a boss on Steam.

Salt and Sanctuary - 145 hours in this one. People call it 2d Dark Souls which is appropriate. Large interconnected world with multiple paths to get to the end. Whilst you're likely to find almost all the bosses playing normally (3 are kinda hidden) you can finish the game doing as little as 10 of 23. Can be as easy or hard as you want to make it being able to get great weapons very early. Skill tree for leveling your stats and to be able to use certain weapons (like there's a Reaper Class 1-5 (seperate skills) skill to use Scythes and Spears/Halberds) Combat is a bit more aggressive, faster and less precise than Dark Souls but it's good fun. You've got your various lighter and heavier melee weapons and staves for magic (can only be two-handed, get two spell slots) for your right hand or two-handing then for left hand you've got small and large shields, wands for magic (1 slot), bows and crossbows (which I useless) and flintlocks (which are great). X/Y for light/strong attacks, each weapon has a single combo in addition to just XXX like scythes have X up+X down+X and generally XY launches enemies and yourself. There are a couple platforming heavy areas too. Bosses are mostly decent but there are certainly some sucky ones. It's just a great adventure though and after a couple runs I ended up having a lot of fun doing all bosses in 5-6 hours a run. It also has a decent cheat menu if you're having s*** lucking farming something >_> Like you can just spawn whatever you want or set 100% drop rate. Neat for if you're like me and want to play through with certain armour, one of my fav sets is only decent but is halfway through the game.

Dragon's Dogma - like 600 hours between consoles and Steam. f*** it, I'm too tired now, someone else can talk about DDDA >_>
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User Info: ArkonBlade

8 months ago#8
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User Info: ElDudorino

8 months ago#9
Massaca posted...
I'm too tired now, someone else can talk about DDDA >_>

LAZY! Hmm, okay, Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen. It's an open-world adventure game. It is structured loosely around a story but the story's delivery is pretty weak. The meat of the game however is going on quests to slay huge monsters. The combat system is very good, more comparable to action games like Devil May Cry than to any other open-world game I can think of. It plays differently depending on your class, with some relying more on ranged attacks and quick melee, others sticking to sword n board, or magic, or whatevs. Enemies have different weaknesses that can be taken advantage of; for example, you can blind a cyclops by shooting it in the eye or if he's holding a club you can attack his club hand until he drops it. You can prevent a griffon from flying by damaging its wings or setting them on fire, or if your team is heavy you can all jump and grab onto the griffon and it won't be able to fly while carrying your weight. That's one of the other cool things in the game: grabbing onto enemies. You can climb up giant enemies or leap off of high places to grab hold of them and fight them airborne. It's rad.

Game #2: Night in the Woods. I want everybody to play this, but not everybody will be able to appreciate it. There isn't much to the gameplay and you're mostly playing through a story, like you would in a Telltale "game." The writing speaks to me on a level that no other game has, though, and I love how 'real' the characters feel despite being wacky. Also, the soundtrack is possibly my favorite soundtrack ever. I wouldn't say it has anything to necessarily top the best individual Final Fantasy tracks but as an overall soundtrack it's just amazing. It's 3 and a half hours and I've listened to the whole thing start to finish multiple times without wanting to skip any tracks.

Game #3: Kerbal Space Program. It's a buggy mess of a rocket science sim with adorable little space dudes you try not to kill while designing and launching spacecraft. It relies on real physics (as much as it can manage) and real technology and tech concepts and you can actually learn a fair bit of science just on accident while playing the game. Accomplishing anything in the game is very difficult but for that reason it feels like an incredible accomplishment the first time you manage to launch an object into stable orbit, or pull off an orbital rendezvous, dock two vessels in orbit, land on a moon or another planet, dock with a landed vehicle on another planet to expand a base, etc. This is another game that a lot of people surely won't be able to get into it but if you do get into it, it can steal hundreds of hours from you. But yeah... god damn it is buggy.

User Info: Boge

8 months ago#10
Jagged Alliance 2
Heroes of Might and Magic 3
Hidden & Dangerous
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