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When you sell something on steam do you get the money right away?

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  3. When you sell something on steam do you get the money right away?

User Info: nativeboi85

6 months ago#1
For instance it said i can sell for 0.03 cents a card i have if i hit sell will it sell right away or does some one have to buy it lets raise that fleek for the ultimate boss video

User Info: DarkZV2Beta

6 months ago#2
someone must buy it.
If you want it to sell right away, sell it for the price of the highest buy listing.
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User Info: Chass1990

6 months ago#3
lol did you think you were selling them back to valve or something?
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User Info: shmirlywhirl

6 months ago#4
What's more is if it does sell for 3 cents, Valve takes a cut so you'll get 1 cent in the end.
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User Info: BMXJouster

6 months ago#5
Yeah, there's a reason it's called a marketplace. You're selling it to other users, so yes you won't get paid until someone buys your item(s). LOL

Also, like someone else said, Valve and the publisher of the game the item is related to each get a cut from the sale. So if you list an item at $.03 Valve gets $.01, the publisher gets $.01 (which can also be Valve if it's a Valve game) and then you get $.01.

And it should also be noted that if you sell over a certain number of items through the marketplace (I believe it's 200 items) you need to provide a bunch of personal information to Valve (including SSN) to continue selling past that point (it's supposed to be on file for potential tax purposes I believe).
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  3. When you sell something on steam do you get the money right away?

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