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So... how to enable HDR on games?

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User Info: Cruzader619

7 months ago#1
I have my PC hooked up to an HDR-Capable TV. Will it automotically switch to HDR like on Netflix or do I have to do something manually?
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User Info: ajxh

7 months ago#2
You have to manually enable it. You can turn it on under the Settings menu, but I've heard that this method is currently not working (supposedly to be fixed with Windows 10's next major update this fall), so that leaves you to enable it individual games. Only a handful support it, like Resident Evil 7 and Mass Effect Andromeda.

Only Windows 10 supports HDR, too.
The cranky hermit 7 months ago#3
Windows 7 supports HDR, but only if an application running in fullscreen exclusive mode requests it.
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  3. So... how to enable HDR on games?

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