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damn - spotflux (free vpn unlimited bandwidth torrent friendly) is no more

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  3. damn - spotflux (free vpn unlimited bandwidth torrent friendly) is no more

User Info: jjyiz28

7 months ago#1
anyone know of a good free vpn with no bandwidth limit, torrent friendly? i looked everywhere, can't seem to find one that fits the criteria.. most are free trial versions, etc..

User Info: wizardmon

7 months ago#2
This topic should more accurately be titled: Anyone know of a VPN that will hide my either illegally obtained pirated material or content banned by my government from my ISP?
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User Info: somebadlemonade

7 months ago#3
hey the second one we should be obligated to help, oppressing, an individual's rights to obtain content that is otherwise legal in most other countries but not theirs is the right thing to do

say it's north korea, and all his wants to do is watch the most recent news broadcasts from the west?

just because he's going to use it to mostly watch cat girls being naughty with their owners, doesn't mean we shouldn't help since it might actually help someone that needs it
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User Info: arleas

7 months ago#4
A Free VPN went bust? Ya don't say.... I wonder why?

The only reason I can think of a VPN being totally free is if they're taking all the info you generate and selling that to some 3rd party. I'd rather pay the $40 a year and use Private Internet Access than to pin my hopes on some "free" service.
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User Info: TimePharaoh

7 months ago#5
If you use a free VPN you might as well just not use one. There's being cheap and then being an idiot
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  3. damn - spotflux (free vpn unlimited bandwidth torrent friendly) is no more

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