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What PC game(s) do you expect you'll be buying next?

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  3. What PC game(s) do you expect you'll be buying next?

User Info: BrokenMachine85

7 months ago#1
Ryzen 5 1600X @4GHz | 16GB 3200MHz DDR4 | GTX 1080 @2GHz | HyperX SSD | 28" Acer 4K
Actively Playing: Splatoon 2 | Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

User Info: Jar_Jar

7 months ago#2
I'd like to try Rocket League. I'll probably get it next time it's on sale.

User Info: ssringo

7 months ago#3
White Day: A Labyrinth Named School (wtf name) - tomorrow
Ys 7 - August 30
Ys 8 - September 12

User Info: wentzelot

7 months ago#4
i'm tempted to buy gta5 since it's on sale and i still haven't tried it. someone convince me to spend or save my money pls

User Info: johnny_pay

7 months ago#5
either destiny 2 or yakuza kiwami

User Info: EvilGiygas

7 months ago#6
Probably Starcraft Remaster. That or maybe X-Com 2.
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User Info: Massaca

7 months ago#7
ssringo posted...
Ys 7 - August 30
Ys 8 - September 12

Oh yeah, I totally forgot about Ys 7, been excited for 8 though. Thanks for reminding me.
Also SonoHana Maidens of Michael whenever that's coming out. Excited to reread it and the parts that weren't available.
Was gunna get SCRemastered since I've never played the MP and ASL S2, 3 and Team Battle got me really interested in trying it but... I don't have the best setup for it and I just sorta lost interest by now.
'Ahn~ It's so loud I can't sleep~!' Lily White said, suddenly awaking.
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User Info: Mute_Guardian7

7 months ago#8
Now that I think about it, Sonic Mania will probably be my next purchase. Actually, I should probably preorder it soon so I can get a fairly well emulated Sonic 1 for free.
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User Info: ApexMjolnir

7 months ago#9
Destiny 2 and/or Forza Motorsport 7
If what I said doesn't makes sense... it's because you don't want it to make sense.

User Info: RyanEsau

7 months ago#10
Nothing planned.

Probably something on my wishlist when on sale, assuming I have money at the time to buy it.
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