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Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition Requires 170 GB Space!

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User Info: Lum_Yatsura

8 months ago#21
Uncompressed multichannel FMV cutscenes dubbed in multiple languages.

User Info: Lugoves

8 months ago#22
Don't think that game even has 50 GB of content lol.
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User Info: MrXGamer

8 months ago#23
I think it's about time companies push for Blu-ray options on PC gaming. Console can handle it with 50 GBs on disc and then some HDD installation. Better drives give better load times, which should be cheaper to get for PC. Or else the day will come when 1 TB HDD would only afford 10 games.
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User Info: ablerider

8 months ago#24
I'm not surprised, the current ps4 is way over 50 and that's without the season pass DLC.

User Info: slyman19

8 months ago#25
Guessing that's simply a place holder.

User Info: KainFourteh

8 months ago#26
So you need a big toilet for the s*** that is that game? Not surprised.

User Info: farigonti

8 months ago#27
So much whining

User Info: RyanEsau

8 months ago#28
170 GB? I guess that's because of the "All DLC upto this point will be included" alongside lack of compression...

Maybe it's just the current state of development... by release it'll get shrunk... hopefully.
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User Info: wizardmon

8 months ago#30
Was my post invisible?
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