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Games that feature hiding/stealth/non-combat for progression

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User Info: vlado_e

8 months ago#21
Oh, right I can't believe I forgot about Styx - it was pretty cool. Combat is super tough and taking more than one opponent is near impossible. Games like Deus Ex and Dishonored do have stealth as an option but you can always usually fight your way out of situations, while in Styx taking on a single opponent is really tough and multiple ones may as well be suicide. It's the closest to the Thief games I can actually think of in terms of you're not expected to fight.
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User Info: bshwalker

8 months ago#22
I played Styx. Highly underrated!
Didn't know there was a second one.
On my way!
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User Info: captsplatter_1

8 months ago#23
ajxh posted...
Darth_Kamcio posted...
Lienhart posted...
......why has no one mentioned Metal Gear Solid V?

Because you can mow down a lot of bases by yourself.

Well, he did say "feature," not "require." It's pretty clear that the game focuses on and rewards stealth, but doesn't make it totally necessary for those that don't like it.

Edit - Just kidding, he said "require" in the OP. Still, MGSV can be readily played utilizing stealth exclusively.

To 100% it would require stealth runs. But you can mostly just run and gun if you prefer.
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