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HTC Vive gets a price cut to $599

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User Info: TrashPandaJedi

6 months ago#31
PSVR sold 10 times more than Vive. Not surprised they dropping price
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User Info: SilentHawk29

6 months ago#32
Because more people own a PS4 versus a high end PC. But hey, we can't all use common sense.
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User Info: Massaca

6 months ago#33
arleas posted...
Massaca posted...
I also have a total of about 1x0.4m of space to move in >_>

That's really not enough. even 1 sq meter isn't enough. You'd want 1.5m X 2m minimum for most games I think. 1 x .4 would work for games that list "standing" as the requirement.

When I first started out I had just barely more than you had, and then after I got used to moving around in my room in VR I moved it from the bedroom out to the main room so I'd have more space, and then pushed all my furniture off into a corner so I'd have even MORE space, then I removed a couple of tables so I'd have even MORE space. ... I'm still trying to think of ways to increase my roomscale space.

Haha. I couldn't do it even if I bought it. It'd take half an hour to move everything and it'd all have to go back afterwards. TBH I'm really not that interested in having to move around a bunch to play stuff anyway. But perhaps it's something that would grab my interest after trying it, I dunno.
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User Info: arleas

6 months ago#34

So now a release date has been set for Fallout 4 VR...and they're claiming Vive exclusivity, but again, I give it two weeks max before that CrossVR guy makes a patch to make it work on the Rift.

It's kinda sad that there had to be "exclusives" on PC at all. All it ever does is make side A go "HA HA WE GOTS IT U DONT" until the other side counters with an exclusive and then Side B says the same thing, and then Side A go "OH yeah Whelp who cares about that game? I'm too busy playing that first game that's still exclusive! HA HA"

It's stupid and makes everyone in the argument sound like children bickering over who mom loves best or something.


Massaca posted...
TBH I'm really not that interested in having to move around a bunch to play stuff anyway. But perhaps it's something that would grab my interest after trying it, I dunno.

It's something you have to try to be able to say whether you really care about it or not. I originally thought that Room scale was going to be no big deal and then I started seeing how cool it was to be able to move in real time (and space) to react to stuff in game and then standing in place and having to depend on the game to move seemed dull and boring.
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User Info: dummy420

6 months ago#35
Now I'm strongly debating this with the price drop. I really just want to try one out before I buy.
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User Info: The_LuXx

5 months ago#36
I bought one yesterday with a new gaming pc, though I plan to use it productively for making games. But I had a lot of fun using the virtual desktop app to play my Nintendo Switch on as well as looking at 'videos'

User Info: Yewolife

5 months ago#37
Dang when I heard the price was cut I thought it was already for 600 going down to 400, not 800 going to 600. Man its more pricy then I thought haha even at this new price.

Ill hold out for a good 2 or 3 years myself most likely when prices go down even more. At 400 ill consider jumping in only if there are some more worthwhile games. If they can make atleast one long rpg of somekind that worked id jump in at that point as well at that price haha. 250 though if games continue at the current trend.

User Info: arleas

5 months ago#38
Virtual desktop is kinda crap in my opinion. For using your desktop you're better off using Bigscreen Beta which is free. Virtual desktop is clunky by comparison and you have to pay for it.

As for watching VR videos (180°/360°) I highly recommend Simple VR video player

It does a great job on VR video with lots of options to make it more comfortable to watch...especially as some videos are done kinda amateurishly and you're stuck feeling like everything is too close or too far away, or oversized.

dummy420 posted...
I really just want to try one out before I buy.

One of those three sites will likely have a location where you can demo it. One thing I can say is that if the demo computer isn't all that powerful, it's going to seem less impressive. Like for example, I can (and did) run the Vive on a GTX780, but I couldn't do any kind of super sampling on it (which basically is like DSR for VR).

I'd say you should go to a microsoft store and buy one and then if you don't like it, return it.

I should also add that there's almost no chance you won't like it... unless you discover that you are violently ill at the slightest movement in VR and/or you discover that you have epilepsy the hard way... those would definitely be deal-breakers.

BUT if you seem to have only mild motion sickness problems, you can keep at it and you'll build up a tolerance for it.
FC: 3325-5440-8407 Dream Code:5E00-0013-7C61
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