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HTC Vive gets a price cut to $599

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User Info: arleas

6 months ago#21
Lienhart posted...
Vive also supports Fallout 4 VR and Skyrim VR which won't support Occulus due to Zenimax vs Facebook.

I'm honestly very sad that Zenimax is f***ing with VR this early in stage of development

You just KNOW that they're going to make it work both ways dude... it's like when Oculus started f***ing with VR in this early stage of development by making their s*** exclusive to their store (and then briefly tried to block Vive headsets from using Revive to play)... But that one guy on Reddit ( ) made it work anyway, and then google Earth VR was originally Vive only and guess what? same dude made it work for the Rift (until Google added support on their own later)

If Zenimax intentionally tries to lock out the headset the same way Oculus did initially (by doing a hardware check) then yeah, that's really sleezy... but even if they're not supporting them, it'll happen.
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User Info: arleas

6 months ago#22
shmirlywhirl posted...
Does the Vive need the base stations if I'm not doing room scale?

Current place doesn't have space but I'm moving in a few months so I hope to take advantage then.

You only need one for 180° tracking (if you have to turn completely around for anything then you'll probably lose tracking though).

As for actually drilling holes in the wall, you can use tripods or those bracing poles + clamps to make it work.

Something like this:
captsplatter_1 posted...
shmirlywhirl posted...
Glad I held off on buying this until I start the new job next month.

Is Vive a better option than the rift?

I heard it is.

The vive has a taller FOV than the Rift, the Rift's display is a bit dimmer than the Vive, the Rift suffers from "god rays" which means that sometimes light from the display seems to streak, there's a bit of light leak from around the nose, You only need one USB 3.0 port instead of 2-3 ports, etc. There's lots of ways the Vive is better than the Rift.

If you were 100% dead set against anything room scale and only wanted to sit in a chair and play games like Racing games or Elite Dangerous or whatever, then the Rift is fine. It's more comfortable with the default head strap (You need a custom head strap or $99 for the deluxe audio strap for the Vive otherwise), the Touch controllers are a bit better in some ways for some games (If you hate trackpads you'll like the fact the touch controllers have a stick), and some people swear up and down that text is way more readable on the rift. I don't really have many problems as long as I can crank up the Super sampling.

I think you can get away with gaming on a weaker card on the rift too.

But if I had to do it all over again and buy it today, I'd still buy the Vive. If it was $400 vs $800 like it used to be, I'd have a tough decision to make, but with the price drop I'd definitely jump on the Vive.
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User Info: Neo1661

6 months ago#23
Still too much.

User Info: arleas

6 months ago#24
arleas posted...
You only need one USB 3.0 port instead of 2-3 ports, etc

I just realized that it looks like I was saying you only needed 1 USB 3.0 port on the rift, when I meant to say that it was the Vive that only needs one port (and you can use 2.0 just fine if you're not using the onboard camera).

I can't wait for this though:
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User Info: Massaca

6 months ago#25
'Down' to AU$999 (which I'm sure it's been before). But with free shipping instead of the $180 (or whatever it was) cost. Still too much :/
Edit: Oh yeah, I also have a total of about 1x0.4m of space to move in >_> Still interested in the content that doesn't require anything more than head movement.
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User Info: arleas

5 months ago#26
Massaca posted...
I also have a total of about 1x0.4m of space to move in >_>

That's really not enough. even 1 sq meter isn't enough. You'd want 1.5m X 2m minimum for most games I think. 1 x .4 would work for games that list "standing" as the requirement.

When I first started out I had just barely more than you had, and then after I got used to moving around in my room in VR I moved it from the bedroom out to the main room so I'd have more space, and then pushed all my furniture off into a corner so I'd have even MORE space, then I removed a couple of tables so I'd have even MORE space. ... I'm still trying to think of ways to increase my roomscale space.
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User Info: SilentHawk29

5 months ago#27
Wonder if I should jump on this or wait for the LG headset...
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User Info: arleas

5 months ago#28
SilentHawk29 posted...
wait for the LG headset.

Unless you've just got $600 to spend and you're dying to try VR... I mean, The experience is still great. The thing is, they're getting close to what I would call "VR 1.5" which will probably start with the LG headset. I thought they were going to release it this year but it's starting to look like next year.

The LG units will be compatible with the lighthouses so you could buy the Vive and then later just buy the LG headset, not the controllers and lighthouses...but hopefully by that time they'll be on the new lighthouse design that uses the single motor with the extra encoded pulses for data about which lighthouse sent the pulse.

The new sensors will be compatible with the old lighthouses, but the new lighthouses won't work on the old sensors. This means you could buy a new LG headset and it'll work, but if you upgraded the lighthouses you have to kinda upgrade everything.

BUT... nobody has said anything official about when the LG headset is coming out. It could be Christmas 2018 for all I know. I'm just pretty sure they're not releasing this year because nobody has said s*** about it, and you'd think they'd be making more press releases about it if they were going to come out this Christmas.

Also, I heard the Knuckles got pushed back to 2018 even though they sent dev kits out to developers a month or two ago...
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User Info: SnakePlisken94

5 months ago#29
i'd rather just buy an hdr 4k tv for similar amounts
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User Info: rusty12000

5 months ago#30
Honestly I'm not nearly interested enough to bite at that price.
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