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First look at FFXV on PC

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User Info: Heisenberg312

7 months ago#71
Final fantasy 15 killed my dad.
Now, say my name.

User Info: Ryzeki

7 months ago#72
darklink1017 posted...
Beat it on ps4 at launch. Chapter 9 and beyond is bulls***. Everything before that is godly.

People really need to get this. I would argue Chapter 7 is the last good one. But yeah, chapter 9 and onwards it is an amazing dropped ball on all fronts, with such a disjointed story and events... feels so rushed in comparison to the first chapters.

It is specially jarring because they do manage to make the game feel like a vast open world that slowly opens as you progress. Then they kick you in the balls and the game ends.
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User Info: Ave07

7 months ago#73
Played it on PS4 on launch and it wasn't as good as it should have been.
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User Info: Ashiva8910

7 months ago#74
The combat looks like boring garbage.
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User Info: Mr kitty

Mr kitty
7 months ago#75
Pelaaja82 posted...
MMG_ posted...
reidyboy102998 posted...

GTX 1080 Ti? WTF.

For 4k obviously.

4K 30fps?

User Info: Faiyez

6 months ago#76
This game will be useful for benchmarking, at least.
I think they've taken the freedom and liberty thing a BIT TOO FAR!
-GlowStormLion on Japan's kinks.

User Info: squall567

6 months ago#77
Seems like there's gonna be official mod support for FFXV.
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User Info: MMG_

6 months ago#78
Ha, suck it, sony fanboys.
BORED TO DEATH. I'm bored, I'm bored, I'm bored. I am bored.

User Info: Ciera

6 months ago#79
s*** game. Who cares.
I'll... shave that cat.

User Info: randomoaf

6 months ago#80
Game looks phenomenal. I'm disappointed that it uses gameworks but I can see why. Ultimate quality will likely require the use of a GTX 1080Ti.

Ashiva8910 posted...
The combat looks like boring garbage.

As opposed to what, Witcher 3's? LMAO!
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