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Am I the only one immediately turned off from anime

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User Info: PlayerAnonymous

7 months ago#21
Most anime art style games are too wierd and dumb, like akiba's beat and senran kagura;
usually there are stuff like Persona or SMT hidden in the bunch, but it is not that frequent.
Anime is kinda like music thou, most of the great ones are old and forgotten by the new generation or atleast that's what the old school anime fans say.
Loves RPGs from Atlus, FromSoftware, Obsidian, and CDProjektRed.

User Info: kaufmaniac

6 months ago#22
Nope i love them.

User Info: astelion

6 months ago#23
cody4783 posted...
and I totally didn't contribute to it.

You monster :(
I didn't contribute either
Some music goes with everything.

User Info: DiviDude

6 months ago#24
Depends on if it's the "serious" anime style or the "cutesy" style. I like the former, e.g. Xenogears or even visual novels like Ever17. The latter I can't stand, however, e.g. there's no chance in hell I'm playing muv-luv or Recettear.

User Info: lightningbugx

6 months ago#25
I have discovered 2 decades ago that once you watch 2 or 3 anime series from start to finish, you know every story and plot for any anime released and not yet made. My friends hate watching anime with me around.

As such, the art style is what makes anime popular.
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User Info: JKatarn

6 months ago#26
ElDudorino posted...
DaedalusEx posted...
It's not the art style so much as all the tropes that are invariably coming along with it.

Yeah. I'll often put off a game that looks too Japanese but if I do jump into one, I generally expect that I'll be looking for the option to disable the voice-overs within the first few minutes because I don't appreciate the high-pitched squealing that's apparently desirable in Japanese schoolgirls. And I know not to bother getting to know the characters because I've already met them before in a hundred other games and they will never develop further.

Take one:

Whiny, self-conscious lead...add

A cloyingly sweet healer chick who has known him since they were children

A strong, stoic knight to serve as a father figure (he's also the only male character over the age of 21)

Add a busty, world weary female mage

with a pinch of oafish childhood friend...and you have a JRPG!
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User Info: Sokolov

6 months ago#27
RetroGamer9 posted...
Terantatek posted...
Me too.

Boge posted...
I hate anime.

User Info: MasterFeeler

6 months ago#28
Am I the only one with 10 fingers on both hands?

Am I the only one who has a penis?
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User Info: goodJT

6 months ago#29
Eh, it's not for everyone.
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User Info: DiviDude

6 months ago#30
JKatarn posted...
and you have a JRPG!

I wonder if it's coincidence that the very best JRPGs are the ones that don't fit that formula at all, e.g. Chrono Trigger or FF6 or Suikoden II.
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