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What are some good free games on Steam?

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User Info: TyrianMollusk

8 months ago#11
Warframe is a fun 3rd person shooter where you play 1-4 players vs enemies in various missions. Has fun movement abilities, lots of classes with special powers, lots of fun weapons (including melee weapons, each type with several special moves), and a cash currency that you can earn by trading (if that's worth the time over waiting for a 75% off coupon). The key things you need cash currency for are slots for items, cosmetics, and trading for unavailable items (they have a whole schedule of items being added and going unavailable, eg, if you want the "prime" version of the Healer character, you have ten days before she's locked up and trade-only for a couple years). I'm relatively new, so I don't know if there's bad history. From my perspective, the game is pretty good although it has some bad systems (like the unavailability schedule, and general F2P problems like aggressively wasting your time and crap/monetized customization) and the devs seriously need to care more about bugs (not being the host in the squad can really suck because of absolutely idiotic bugs).

Bloodline Champions is pretty neat. It's like Diablo as an arena battle game and has bots so you don't have to play with people. Can't say a lot more about it, other than it's been abandoned for the devs building basically the same game again (Battlerite) but goofier looking and badly voiced. Bloodline still works fine, though, and Battlerite isn't free yet while it's in EA.

Path of Exile and Bloodline Champions would both be better if their devs weren't bigoted against controller support, but if you have Xpadder you can compensate for that pretty well.

User Info: thelocalhentai

8 months ago#12
drivenby posted...
What did warframe do?

Nazanir posted...
Like what, if I may ask?

Upped research requirements for a research (Hema) that I didn't even have (2.5k hours). It's not too bad if your clan is full and is active but small/casual clans are boned with it. Still think this was a mistake since 50k mut samples would have made a lot more sense in both weapons research requirement AND scale.

Ignis Wraith research and the event tied to it is also another thing that just s*** all over smaller and/or casual clans.

While I think Warframe is a great game, I wouldn't be surprised if more decisions like that were made by DE. And before "well just join a clan with them", that's a great idea but when someone spends hundreds of hours and resources on the dojo, it just means wasted time.
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