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Is GoG your main client?

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The cranky hermit 9 months ago#11
I buy from GOG whenever possible, but I don't use their client. I use a normal browser, and I launch their games without any special client like I used to in the old days.
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User Info: Kharillle

9 months ago#12
I tend to use gog. I get a copy on an external hard drive and use their client. I do appreciate that they have some really old games and I'm fearful in case I lose internet access which might happen if I travelled to the third world, which is unlikely.

Maybe some catastrophic event like an earthquake will mean I'll have to play offline. Always insecure.
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User Info: captsplatter_1

9 months ago#13
Jason_Hudson posted...
Nah, Steam is my City.

But I do use GOG Galaxy for GOG games, Origin for EA games etc.

Speaking of City, Cities SKYLINES is 75% off.
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User Info: captsplatter_1

9 months ago#14
Also I have Steam and the Xbox app and that's it for me.
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User Info: johnny_pay

9 months ago#15
I don't have a main client, I use any client when it's necessary then close it when I'm done.

User Info: chickenlard

9 months ago#16
SnakePlisken94 posted...
the only thing i have installed on my pc is steam

everything else is trash

How did you type the message you just typed.

User Info: Jar_Jar

9 months ago#17
I only use Steam.

User Info: shmirlywhirl

9 months ago#18
Whichever marketplace has the game cheaper when I want to buy it, that's my main.
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User Info: Boge

9 months ago#19
If GoG had the games Steam does, I wouldn't use Steam anymore. Actually, I would only use Galaxy to update my games, but I would run everything without a client.
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User Info: Marikhen

9 months ago#20
Dunno why anyone would use Origin or uPlay. Neither lets you install games exactly where you want them, and unlike Steam, neither of them offers the option to create multiple "libraries" to compensate. Using either nets you the "privilege" of having either a very small library on an SSD or a very slow library on an HDD. Either way, piracy is a better than either of those clients in this regard.

Granted that Galaxy in and of itself does the same thing with one-size-fits-all "libraries," but GOG provides stand-alone installers for every game that lets you dictate exactly where the game goes. Galaxy, so far as I can tell, has no issues with finding and managing those games.
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