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Good touchscreen PC games?

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User Info: King_Gheedorah

7 months ago#1
Getting a Surface Book on Monday.

Upgrade from my Pro. About the only touch enabled games I played on the pro were Civ V, Pinball FX2 and Little Inferno.

Book is going to have quite a bit more power this time around since my Pro was just the i5 4gb model. Not looking still for high end games, since I already have that covered with a gaming desktop. Just some fun touch screen games that the book can handle better than the Pro could.

User Info: Ghost_Turtle

7 months ago#2
Candy Crush?

Jk but seriously, I couldn't help myself.
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User Info: Stonedwolfed

7 months ago#3
I didn't understand why people liked Plants v Zombies when I tried it on Xbox Live Arcade.

LOVE it on my phone though.
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7 months ago#5
Adventure games imho.
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User Info: Somato

7 months ago#6
Touch screen PC games? That's a thing?
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User Info: phy2jsh

7 months ago#7
Rome 2 total war has native touch controls, i believe. Not sure if they are any good, though.

User Info: sampama226

7 months ago#8
Plants vs Zombies, Civ 5 (Possibly 6) were fine on TS, those halo twinstick tablet games are pretty good. Really any game that doesn't require a keyboard or accurate mouse movements work pretty well.
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User Info: farigonti

7 months ago#9
Xcom Enemy Unknown

User Info: King_Gheedorah

6 months ago#10
Got the Surface Book from work finally. Not really any chance to download games to it yet, since I've been busy downloading editing software and such. But I've been looking at gameplay vids of people using the surface, and have to say I'm kind of stoked now. It's not a gaming laptop no doubt, but it seems more than capable for a lot of modern titles.

I don't plan to push it to the limits since it is indeed not built for high end gaming, but it's nice to know I can run some of the suggested titles in here so far. Rome Total 2 Total War and XCOM Enemy Unknown look like they will run decently enough.
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