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Why do a lot of people pretend they need more than 8gb of RAM?

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User Info: sonicteam2k1

9 months ago#91
for me, 8GB is definitely not enough for me. I only had 1 tab up and a few programs running in the background. And when Black Ops III came out, 16GB was not enough so I maxed my board just in case.
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User Info: WalkingPlague

9 months ago#92
Because if a game needs 8GB of RAM, I'm not going to have just 8GB of RAM, I like wiggle room. This is why 16GB should be considered the norm, imo.
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User Info: maybecalls

9 months ago#93
My only concern is how much RAM Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord will require to run well. If it doesn't need that much I'll be making do with my current components for a long time.

User Info: Tyranius2

9 months ago#94
mariopaper posted...
Fade2black001 posted...
bikeblaster posted...
I use over 8GB of RAM all the time. Any game that uses over 4GB of RAM will be really uncomfortable to play with 8GB of RAM.

Name all the games you have played that physically take up 4GB or more of RAM themselves.

Fallout 4, Witcher 3, (modded) Skyrim, GTA V, seems like most open-world games are RAM hogs. Usually happens when you have a game on for long periods of time.

Played Witcher 3 quite comfortably with my 8GBs.
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User Info: Lienhart

9 months ago#95
6.3GB/7.9GB used currently.

I have at least 10 Chrome tabs open, 2 instances of Visual Studio, git bash, Sublime Text, and SQL Management Studio.

Notice there is not a single game listed there. 8GB is not enough.

This is a work development box. My home computer has 32GB.

User Info: ApexMjolnir

9 months ago#96
When I got my PC I maxed out the RAM to 32GB.

It is still not enough.

Editing a SINGLE PHOTO (50 megapixels) completely destroys the buffer. I always expect that when I hit Process, it will create a dump file, crash Lightroom to Desktop but it saves the edit data, and then I re-boot Lightroom, and hit process.

Even with 32GB, If I make 10-15 tweaks to a RAW photo, and then try to export it, I always run out of Memory. I have even used thumbdrives to try to boost the Cache, but it doesn't help.

God forbid I have a SCANNED Portrait that was hanging on someone's refrigerator for 20 years, and they need it cleaned up. That sort of project ends up in the 120 Megapixel territory, and I am usually in Photoshop for that. Which means I have to save EVERY 5 MINUTES, just in case I fix too large of an area, and it crashes the whole computer... not just photoshop.
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User Info: batinoari

9 months ago#97
Idk why ppl recommend 16gb, future proof is my guess since most of the ppl i know want the same pc for years and next windows will probably be a b****. Either way, there are some ppl that need more, usually streamers, ppl who use heavy audio video software or, in my case, i need to setup multiple vms. I'd still recommend 8gb for the majority of ppl interested in games.

Lienhart posted...
I have at least 10 Chrome tabs open, 2 instances of Visual Studio, git bash, Sublime Text, and SQL Management Studio.

git bash doesnt consume much run and neither does sublime text (altho that varies on how many projects you have opened). Not too sure why you'd open two visual studio instances... at least eclipse is capable of accomodating multiple projects in the same instance. Either way, i think the keyword there is what general ppl need since he mentioned recommendations.... most ppl would probably close all those IDEs while gaming. SQL Server run a lot of those update statistics/indexes on background (which is often IO bound), even with 32 gb ram its in your best interest to close that thing as well as stop the service if its on your local machine.

User Info: Mute_Guardian7

9 months ago#98
I had 16GB of RAM. It was the perfect amount of RAM for gaming/general computing, nothing I did used it all. Sadly, one of my two 8GB RAM sticks I ordered was defective upon arrival, which I didn't notice until waaaaaay after I finally installed Windows 7 and upgraded to Windows 10 (which was obviously a few weeks of "fun" with bad RAM).

Now with only 8GB of RAM, I'd say it's about the bare minimum anybody should go for when gaming. Most new games don't use too much, but some open world and/or graphically demanding games eat up RAM like a fat kid in a candy store. If I had to recommend getting 8GB of RAM, I'd instead recommend getting 2x 8GB.
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User Info: enderall

9 months ago#99
More RAM is always good. I am just about to buy another 8 GB stick to have 16 and dual channel. Because of this I have been playing older titles, I really need more RAM for games like Nier Automata to keep a steady 60 FPS at Max...
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User Info: Tyranius2

9 months ago#100
Lienhart posted...
Notice there is not a single game listed there. 8GB is not enough.

So if you bloat your OS leaving stuff open that means 8GB is not enough? Then we can go as high as technology allows it. I'll open 20 chrome tabs, 4 instances of visual studio and 2 instances of SQL Management studio. There, now I can say 16GBs is not enough.

Then I can go and double those program's instances and keep bloating the OS and say 128GBs is not enough. Your argument sounds stupid when we look at it this way. For gaming 8GBs is enough, period. It doesn't matter that you're the snowflake that needs to have a bunch of bloat running.
Bolsonaro 2018
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