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Why do a lot of people pretend they need more than 8gb of RAM?

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User Info: darkus_f

7 months ago#21
Because reassurance. Worst part is when the RAM eats away at their GPU budget. :/
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User Info: Silvererazor

7 months ago#22
Because games RIGHT NOW use 6-8 GB RAM...for example Hellblade to name a more recent example. There are alot of games which use 4-5GB. Each year new releases use more and more RAM. So if the follow the trajectory of RAMusage, then in ~2 years most open wiorld games will use 8-12 gb RAM


7 months ago#23
Because the amount of RAM used by software is rapidly increasing. Having a few launchers open, a webbrowser with a few tabs and playing a game that uses a lot of RAM you can can get close to 8GB with regular use. Spend a little more (getting 16 GB compared to getting 8 GB isn't an expensive upgrade at all) and you basically never have to worry about it.
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User Info: samurai1900

7 months ago#24
Maybe for gaming and gaming alone.

Me? I ran out of my 16GB RAM during the first week of this build over five years ago. Needless to say, it has been a struggle which I don't want to repeat with my 2018 PC build. - Reference grade - gaming files, guides, saves and videos.

User Info: gamefaqwatcher

7 months ago#25
Are they pretending?
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User Info: HotshotJoe

7 months ago#26
Because the whole system uses ram.
So I always want it to have enough
To always run efficiently.
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User Info: DarkZV2Beta

7 months ago#27
Not even running a game. Nearly 7GB used in W7. Even a source game would put that over 8GB.
Sure, you can run 8GB and mostly be fine I guess, but for how long? May as well get 16GB now and not have to worry about it, and then upgrade to 32 next time RAM is cheap.
I mean, I did. 's great. Hardly ever use even half my RAM, and if I go for a long session with a lot of high resolution reference material and tons of layers, that extra RAM will be handy.
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User Info: maybecalls

7 months ago#28
I sweated over over whether to go with 8 or 16GB when I put this PC together six years ago. In the end I went with 8 to keep costs down (2 x 4GB, motherboard only has two RAM slots). In retrospect I don't think it would have made any difference if I had gone with 16.

If I was building a PC now (no plans to do so) I would go with 16GB, though.

EDIT Not even running a game. Nearly 7GB used in W7.

Task Manager shows I'm currently using 2.1GB of system RAM. Most of my gaming time is spent on M & B Warband, which only uses about 1GB.

User Info: Mr kitty

Mr kitty
7 months ago#29
I used to use 6 GB on back on X58. The issue start of when you quit a game & run another games afterward. It take a hit on the media storage device. It's not so bad if you have a SSD, but quite noticeable with a HDD.

8GB is enough for gaming in 90% of the cases on medium setting, but the annoyance of waiting 1min for the cache to stabilize can be annoying after gaming.

User Info: Damaged7

7 months ago#30
I had problems running Andromeda and Mankind Divided on 8gb. Upgraded to 16gb and they ran so much better.
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