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Why do a lot of people pretend they need more than 8gb of RAM?

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User Info: Marikhen

7 months ago#141
mariopaper posted...
Fallout 4, Witcher 3, (modded) Skyrim, GTA V, seems like most open-world games are RAM hogs.

I honestly can't recall having seen Fallout 4 go over a 3.6GB RAM footprint. Path of Exile has gone up to a bit over 4GB, and World of Diablocraft (a.k.a. "Diablo 3") has gone up to something like 5GB. It should be noted that RAM usage in Blizzard's Diablo game is more a function of tilesets loaded than time spent playing; if you rush through all of the bounties in every act the game will quickly swell up in RAM, but if you farm the same act repeatedly then the footprint will remain smaller even after 4-5 hours of farming.

sonicteam2k1 posted...
Nazanir posted...
Doublesouba posted...
Because it will be the new standard soon. Just look at Mass Effect Andromeda. I had frame drops all over the place, then I upgraded to 16gb of RAM, no more frame drops. There are other games too that recommend 12gb of RAM. Sure, it may be because the devs are too lazy to properly optimize their games for PC, but that's irrelevant. Games are requiring more RAM, so you need more RAM. 8gb just isn't enough anymore. So if you're building a new PC, why would you not get at least 16gb?

That just proves that Andromeda is horribly optimized.

regardless, the RAM was still "needed"

there have been so many examples of different games and instances where more than 8GB of RAM is needed and so many people in denial about it. It is what it is. No one is trying to "show off", there are many instances where it's a requirement and or necessity.

Yeah, the whole, "It's not needed until it's needed, and then because it's needed it's for the wrong reasons and doesn't count" argument is a tad bit silly.
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User Info: tzuyd

7 months ago#142
toyota posted...
Why do a lot of people pretend they need more than 8gb of RAM?

Because a fresh install of Windows 10 can happily idle using 12.
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User Info: drekula2

7 months ago#143
16GB RAM is overkill for most peoples' needs.

Professional media editing and running several operating systems at once can benefit from 16GB but gaming is not RAM intensive.

User Info: vlado_e

7 months ago#144
tzuyd posted...
toyota posted...
Why do a lot of people pretend they need more than 8gb of RAM?

Because a fresh install of Windows 10 can happily idle using 12.

Really? My Windows 10 installation is over a year old

- current uptime is 9 days, since I had to restart for some updates last week
- memory usage is 5.5 gig
- that's with 157 processes running at the moment

It's nowhere near 12 GB. It seems that something is wrong if you have such severe memory issues.
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User Info: ApexMjolnir

7 months ago#145
I'm currently using 6.9/31.9GB (22%) and I'm not playing any games, but I am listening to spotify, and downloading, Steam is running in the background, and firefox is caching Ads non-stop.

When I boot up Dark Souls 3, I won't have all that stuff running. Though it will still probably peak through the 8GB mark.
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7 months ago#146
why does my uptime say 5 days if I do a full shutdown every since day in fact this PC hasn't been booted up in 4 days....
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User Info: Otimus

7 months ago#147
I feel like it may have been said several times already, but I'm going to say it: Don't use the amount of RAM windows is using as an example of anything. Windows uses more RAM the more total ram you have. It's how modern Windows works.

Someone with 8GB of RAM, someone with 12GB, someone with 32GB, and someone with 64GB, all doing the exact same thing in windows would be using very different amounts of RAM.

Been that way since Windows 7.
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User Info: Somato

7 months ago#148
This is going to blow some minds around here so be careful

A PC is used for much much more than just playing computer games......
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User Info: MasteroftheArts

7 months ago#149
Welcome to 2012.

Modded Skyrim will easily push me past 8gb without chrome tabs up, wallpaper engine running, and music playing in the background. That's just as one window and not in eyefinity.

It's like people don't realize that computers do more than one thing at a time.
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User Info: Xedhadeaus

7 months ago#150
You're the reason why people thought that was okay in just cause 3... They really thought gliding across the map in high or max settings at super speed wasn't going to make the game chop.
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