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rip in peace G502, I need a new mouse.

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  3. rip in peace G502, I need a new mouse.

User Info: toyota

9 months ago#11
Any other recommendations similar to the g502 (i currently have one)

I want something with a similar amount of buttons (so i can assign it to different stuff like media player functions etc) but without looking like some manchild s***.

I hate looking at it on my desk

User Info: Death_Born

9 months ago#12
it_r_over9000 posted...
I have to say, after using the G502, using another mouse for a few months, and then going back to the G502, the G502 is my favorite mouse I've used. I just love the scroll wheel and the mouse size and shape. There's nothing about it that I dislike.

I prefer the G500 body. The materials have a sandy finish to them that feels better than the rubbery coating of the G502. I would still be using one, but the G500 has a capacitor whine issue that makes them pretty much unusable by me.

User Info: chickenlard

9 months ago#13
Another G502, I love that mouse, so much that I bought 3 more of them so I will have backups for when my current one dies, and when they stop making them. I am on year 3 with my current one.

User Info: ApexMjolnir

9 months ago#14
I bought a 16400 DPI Thunderbird... Love it.

Cost less than $10usd
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User Info: ToastyOne

9 months ago#15
How about the G900?

User Info: Xialoh

9 months ago#16
Same boat, sorc of. Really, just the hyperscroll is starting to get stuck on occasion and it's annoying. I think I want to go for that fancy wireless logitech mouse, G602 maybe? Don't remember. As I recall though, I was avoiding it because it lacks...hyperscroll. Would really like to have that as a feature >_>.
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User Info: GunmaN1905

9 months ago#17
Roccat Kone EMP
EMP is the new version with the same sensor as logitech mouse, but their build quality and shape is a lot better.
I had the regular XTD Kone, it was perfect except for the laser sensor. Gonna be ordering EMP these days.

G403 started falling apart and I found my mx510 from 2006. Honestly, it's still better than G403 garbage.
Better buttons and build quality, better scroll and certainly better shape.

User Info: Judgmenl

9 months ago#18
What a joke. This is why I am against buying the overrated "fps" mice. I've owned my G600 for 2 years now, don't use a mousepad and it still feels new.
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  3. rip in peace G502, I need a new mouse.

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