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New to PC, overclock question.

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User Info: kidbizkit

9 months ago#1
I am very new to PC. (Well haven't gamed on one since Age of empires 2 and 1 gig was a TON of memory). Anyway, my new PC parts are in the mail thanks to some GFAQ users who helped my land on a build for my wants/budgets. I chose to sacrifice the investment in a GPU and monitor to opt to invest more in other parts that are scalable for a future purchase of the next top consumer end iteration and/or I choose to buy a G 1080 T titan TI and ASUS 1440p monitor in 12-18 months. So for now I'll be using a 6gb GT 1060 with a Ryzen 5 1600X.

If I understand correctly, knowing that I am bottlenecked by a GPU that is not top performing is it valuable for me to consider tinkering with overclocking (after I spend the time researching how-to's, advice) after I physically assemble it and boot the BIOS? I figure I will do it next weekend.

Or should I worry about that when I get my hands on the best GPU (or two haha) in the future and leave as is?
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User Info: OUberLord

9 months ago#2
I'd leave it as is for a while, either way. If you overclock now and the system isn't stable, you'll have that much more fun of a time figuring out why. Either way with those parts right now you won't need to worry about an overclock as much until you get those new parts later.

User Info: Darkside_Shadow

9 months ago#3
You will get maybe 10 fps extra with overclock. And most likely only 7-8 fps after a while because the heat will throttle the gfx card back when overclocked.

So unless you put extra cooling on there, I wouldnt bother and just wait and spend the money on upgrades later. Just my opinion. For example turning shadows to Medium in a game will give you more fps than overcloking.

User Info: Silvererazor

9 months ago#4
If you have a aftermarket 1060, then they come preoverclocked. So any additional overclocking will give you 1-2% fps it's not really worth it.
But you could undervolt it. This way it runs cooler and boosts higher without any OC.

User Info: captsplatter_1

9 months ago#5
Overclocking is only needed if you are doing some crazy specs like 4k 144fps ultra settings, or if your build is becoming dated. Neither of which I'm at, so I don't overclock unless framerate is taking a hit. Only game that does that is Forza Horizon 3 but it wasn't really designed around 60fps anyways. I don't get a locked 60fps, but it stays there quite often.
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User Info: oblique365

9 months ago#6
Nvidia has gpu boost it auto overclocks itself... And the 1060 isnt a bottleneck for that chip.
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