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which would be a better option for display?

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User Info: Darkstorm16

8 months ago#1
I have my pc attached to my tv. The best output it does is 720p but eventually I'll upgrade to a 1080 or 4K maybe. But what would be a good option for my pc?
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User Info: arleas

8 months ago#2
You must have an old TV.

If you can afford a 4K TV you won't get much use out of it UNLESS you are also using it for your computer. There's just not any broadcast 4K content (yet?) and I think you have to actually have a 4K capable blu-ray player to use those...

So really unless you've got a great video card, or you're using a smart TV with access to 4K streams of Netflix or something, or you've got a 4K blu-ray player... well you might want to go to 1080p if you're feeling cheap.

Otherwise, good luck with your upgrade.

If you're wondering what I am using, I've got a Vizio 4K M43-C1
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User Info: HeliosMagi

8 months ago#3
Personally, I don't think 4k displays are worth it quite yet.
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User Info: oblique365

8 months ago#4
Unless your getting a 1080ti card go 1080p.
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