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Questions about the Logitech G933 headset.

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User Info: HappyBull

9 months ago#1
1. Any difference between the white and black versions other than color?

2. Can you use it like a wired headset using the usb cable without the need of the dongle being plugged in?

3. Reviews keep saying it slips off your head often and easily, how true is this claim?

4. Battery life as expected or better/worse?

5. Is it comfortable enough to wear for hours without fatigue?

6. Sound quality wise is it the best you've heard in a gaming headset?

7. Does the 7.1 virtual surround sound work well?

8. How bad is the mic compared to a blue yeti or antlion modmic?

9. How sexy is the rgb lighting feature? Does it work even when using it with 3.5mm jack?

10. Anything else I should know or you want to get off your chest? :p

Thx in advance for answering my q's.
"Chad Warden is my lord & savior. PlayStation is my wife. Wii is my dog. Xbox is my toilet. PC is my porn. Gaming is my life." ~ HappyBull

User Info: Silvererazor

9 months ago#2
1. Don't know.
2. Nope.
3. If you are sitting it's ok. But if you tilt your head to far back, it could be, that they slip. In a normal use case, it's not to bad.
4. Battery life is good.
5. Most people can wear them for a longer period of time. It's a case to case thing.
6. There are better headsets, like the Sennheiser Game one, but the soundquality isn't too bad.
7. I don't use it...
8. For a headset the mic is OK, but the modmic and the yeti are way better.
9. Yes.
10. It's good as far as wireless headsets go.

User Info: Xedhadeaus

9 months ago#3
As far as number one... My dad didn't get braided cables, and I did... I have white, he has black. Do note that the white one has light bleed when the lights are on, which is kind of sad as they were supposed to be the special edition.

And number 6, the peaks don't seem as good as some bargain studio headphones seem to do better. BKHC is the ones that do better.

Silver has you covered for the rest.

I mainly bought these for the universal wireless aspect. It makes anything wireless as long as you can power the usb dongle and plug into it. Also because everything I'm worried about is replaceable. cords, battery, cups.
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  3. Questions about the Logitech G933 headset.

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