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Best controller for PC 2017?

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User Info: Otimus

7 months ago#31
wentzelot posted...
Otimus posted...
From all I have used, I'd say it goes like this:

XBOX One > PS4 (I'd say if a game supports PS4 face buttons, or you mod your controller to have XBOX face buttons, then PS4 is my favorite) > XBOX 360 > PS3 > PS2 controller > 8bitdo NES30 > Switch Pro Controller > Switch Joy-Cons > Steam controller

I tried to love the Steam controller, I tried and tried. But I just didn't like it.

Best controller made that isn't the real thing itself for GC and Wii emulation, though.

Seriously how hard is it to memorize where a,b,x,y are? Does it really stump you having Xbox prompts while using a ds4? As opposed to where they are while using a xbone controller? Hint they're in the same spot. Reallllly confusing stuff man

No, it doesn't confuse me. It's just better that way. Plus it's easier when I have friends over. Good job on being insulting though!
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User Info: DarthDestro

7 months ago#32
Switch pro
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User Info: Ivany2008

7 months ago#33
kobalobasileus posted...
XBONE Elite. Provided, that is, you aren't a tinfoil-hat-wearing-peasant who refuses to update to Windows 10.

GeseztKatze posted...
slyman19 posted...
Definitely the Xbox One controller.

How is the compatibility rate for it? Some time ago I read it wasn't quite in the same level as the 360 controller even though it's also from Microsoft.

In my anecdotal experience, the compatibility issues seem to have been fixed. Unfortunately, it might require a fresh install to remove the un-fixed drivers.

Its not that I don't want to upgrade to Windows 10, I was hesitant at first, but decided to afterwards, its just my windows refuses to actually update to Windows 10 even after having the free windows update. It just won't work for some reason.

User Info: GeneralFox

7 months ago#34
Haven't been able to get my controllers ( Xbox One, PS3 dualshock ) to work for sometime now. Xbox One worked for the longest time just fine but now they just never seem to connect when I turn on my PC any more. Been playing around to get them to work and sometimes the PS3 controller will work but most of the time it doesn't either.

Sucks too, because there are some games on my PC I just won't play without a controller.

User Info: DreDayy

7 months ago#35
xbox one elite
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User Info: Rosencroitz

7 months ago#36
Xbox controllers are as s***ty as ever.

DS4 or Steam controller any day of the week.
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User Info: KnowForceKen

7 months ago#37
I'll throw in another vote for the Xbox One Elite. It has great build quality, an awesome d-pad, good battery life, and is compatible with almost anything that has controller support.
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