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How much is a good price for this pc?

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User Info: CrazyGuy1628

7 months ago#1
Windows 10
Phantex enthoo evlov
i5 4790s
Gtx evga 1080 ftw
2 tb hd
850 w ps i think

1440p asus
1080p dell
And probably the best place to sell being craiglist??

User Info: CommunismFTW

7 months ago#2
700-800 probably. People don't pay 1:1 for msrp vs sale price.

I have had ass experiences with both craigslist and ebay. Try it on OCN or some tech forum that has a reputable, moderated marketplace.
Since only from below can one better see the heights.

User Info: ZaruenKosai

7 months ago#3
yuck 2 tb. I have 3 Zetabytes and counting. Go Zeta or Go Home.

Naw I dont think thats even possible right now. Not even SuperComputers Have Zetabytes Yet.

I've got about 11 TB

Still waiting for that PetaByte Hard Drive.
I6700K - ASUS R9 390 STRIX - 16 Gigs DDR4 3200 - Z170-XP - Corsair 500R
"You'd best start believing in ghost stories Miss Turner. You're in one!"
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