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More and more sites are trying to guilt trip adblock users.

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User Info: DarkZV2Beta

9 months ago#51
Voxwik posted...
DarkZV2Beta posted...
Choosing how I consume my content is my right as a form of semi-intelligent life.
Hijacking my PC to shoehorn unsolicited, potentially unsafe content into my normal content consumption, however...

As I said, I do not allow websites to run scripting without permission. I don't oppose that part of it. I oppose blockers that outright block any advertising at all.

And why should the consumer have to jump through hoops to be told what they should and shouldn't spend money on?
It's the responsibility of content providers and advertisers to strike a balance of encouraging commerce without being overly intrusive. If they can't do that, then it's no surprise that people take the sweeping catch-all option to block all potentially offensive advertisement.
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User Info: ZaruenKosai

9 months ago#52
I would like to add, that when I am in search of a new product. Trust me when I say this, Most people, myself included, will not resort to ads we find disrupting our favorite sites.
We naturally just drown those out. We will google\reddit and do proper research to compare different products.

Not one person I know said, You should buy this, I was browsing a website and saw an ad and was like holy crap I have to get this.
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User Info: arleas

9 months ago#53
ZaruenKosai posted...
Not one person I know said, You should buy this, I was browsing a website and saw an ad and was like holy crap I have to get this.

Once in a great while I'll see something that tells me about a product that I never heard about, or a sale that's going on somewhere, or something... but yeah, most of the time it's not from an's from someone who knows someone who got the info and now it's everywhere.

I think the old media companies just need to hurry up and die out since none of them seem to be properly evolving. We need the digital equivalent of the meteor to hit and kill off all those dinosaurs so that better things can develop.
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User Info: HappyBull

9 months ago#54
Lol I completely forgot ads were even a thing until I clicked on this topic.

Just thought that's how the internet always was lmao! adblock FTMFW.
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User Info: Megalodon966

9 months ago#55
I have ad block on my computer, but Wikia doesn't like it, I would say tough s***.
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User Info: Otimus

9 months ago#56
Voxwik posted...
Blocking ads is the epitome of egocentric selfishness. I don't allow popups or runaway scripting but outright blocking all the sources of the ads is willfully denying revenue to websites, which often don't even make enough to cover the costs from ad revenue to begin with.

It is disgusting.

I do, however, dislike when a site acts as if my not allowing runaway scripting is the same thing as blocking ads. There are plenty of sites that display advertising without runaway scripting. The scripting should be on their end, and not on mine.

The things you said are the reasons I block ads. Almost all websites use those kind of ads.
I'll totally unblock any site that isn't that, but 99.99% of websites use bad ads that are horrifyingly bad.
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User Info: GundamMonX

9 months ago#57
The whole point of the internet is to allow both the website creator and the viewer to change what they are seeing on their respective ends. So no, advertisers don't have a leg to stand on when they come onto the internet, with the rules already established a certain way (with freedom to edit/change/block from both ends), and tell people they're bad for not dealing with their advertising. That's like Lego stating that certain construction sets can only be assembled in a certain way. If I don't want to see it, I'm not going to.

If you want to build a new media/communications service where I don't have the power to change things on my end, go ahead and try--but good luck with that, since the cat's already out of the bag, and we're used to the freedom the internet provides.
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User Info: JYLE_BrH

9 months ago#58
Good for them. idc

User Info: GeneralFox

9 months ago#59
I started using adblock back when I played FFXI. At one point Square started flat out attacking RMT people to the point they started relying on putting viruses up through website ads to high jack peoples accounts because of how hard they were being hit.

But now-a-days a lot of ads are just flat out too intrusive as well. I remember when ads were just banners, but they're getting to the point I'd rather just not go to the website they're on at all.

Looks like a lot of websites are making their webpages not function well if you have adblock as well. Youtube in particular runs like crap unless I run it through google chrome now. Either the video doesn't run, or the video plays twice and I can't mute the second one unless I mute the entire tab. Sometimes it won't even play the right video but one that I had seen earlier.

I had no issues with ads though before this whole, we shove them all in your face. I probably wouldn't mind them if they were so bloody annoying 90% of the time, and for that matter really irrelevant since they don't advertise anything I'd ever care to get into.

I have started white listing websites though that don't run those obnoxious ads though. I don't mind supporting them when I can.

User Info: musumane

9 months ago#60
They need to stop using flash / video ads then I'll stop using them.
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