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Predator fps drops! Are you serious?!?

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User Info: un touchable

un touchable
6 months ago#11
In TR try turning off tessellation,
and in Forza don't use Msaa and some setting might need to be lowered to mid.

User Info: RenegadeARR

6 months ago#12
Temps stay in 70s. Percentages never spike, and usually stay 30-40 for CPU and 70 or so for Gpu. Msaa and aa, I never set higher then 2-4x. I should not have to set anything to medium for a 1070.

User Info: Silvererazor

6 months ago#13
These numbers seem to be normal for this laptop.

The laptopmodel seems to be slightly older than yours, but the result will most likely be very similar.
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  3. Predator fps drops! Are you serious?!?

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