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Why do people say Vega Fe is not a gaming card?

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User Info: Voxwik

7 months ago#11
Ratchetrockon posted...
Cpt_Communism posted...
Do you consider the Quadro P6000 a gaming card? It is technically the best gaming card, being faster than the Titan Xp but costs $5000.

yes anything that can run games pretty well are gaming cards.

Would you consider a 750ti a gaming card? I don't Its a potato.

It is a gaming card no question. What are all older models of gaming cards no longer considered gaming cards any more when new stuff comes out? That's ridiculous.

It's like when people try to be snooty and declare an RPG isn't actually a real RPG because of some checklist of 'reasons' despite the fact the game is listed as an RPG.

A gaming card is a card marketed/designed for gaming. It's just that simple.

Heck, the x50 line cards have catapulted the low end into what used to be the mid end when it comes to gaming performance. It used to be much more expensive to game on the PC than it is now, even ignoring inflation. The x50 line of cards may not be good enough for your tastes, but they do well enough for people that just want to be able to play games on their machines.

Low end 'gaming' computers used to mean not just low framerates but outright frame freezes for several seconds at a time in certain parts of games. Forget 30fps being 'low' try 5-10fps. Acting as if the 750 Ti isn't a gaming card ignores reality.

Similarly just because the super expensive cards can run games doesn't make them gaming products. They were not designed to play games; they just happen to be able to.

User Info: Judgmenl

7 months ago#12
AMD doesn't make graphics cards anymore, they make compute cards.
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  3. Why do people say Vega Fe is not a gaming card?

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