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So Quake 3 Vs Unreal Tournament

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User Info: JoboHotep

6 months ago#11
I haven't played UT 99, but I love the hell out of UT 2k4!!

Really well optimized too, you can damn near run it on a potato.
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User Info: hamchunk

6 months ago#12
REALLY hard to choose one over the other... I think they both fill a slightly different role. To me Quake 3 is pure arena shooter awesomeness and UT is more open, ironically it actually reminded me a lot of Q2 ctf when it first came out.
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User Info: Judgmenl

6 months ago#13
Quake 3 Arena had the larger legacy. Never played UT99.
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User Info: 1337toothbrush

6 months ago#14
UT99. Much more interesting weapons and combat. Plus it's better balanced. It looks better graphically, too. As for speed, you can increase it if you wish.

User Info: Chaap

6 months ago#15
q3 was a much better game
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User Info: arleas

6 months ago#16
Quake 3 vs UT99? Quake 3 wins... Quake 3 vs UT2004? UT2004 wins.
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User Info: Kerr Avon

Kerr Avon
6 months ago#17
UT99 for me. It has more variety of weapons, maps, game modes, bots, and user confiurable options (many, many more options, it's so configurable) and I prefer the slower game speed and the many great third party maps, mods, and mutators. UT2004 i great, but UT99 is better, I've always thought.

Quake 3 is great too (the only Quake I like), but I thought and still think that UT99 is better and more enjoyable. Both games (and UT2004) are installed on my desktop and two laptops, and I doubt I'll ever have a PC that I don't install them on.
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User Info: r0xm2n

6 months ago#18
UT99 is by far my most played game in my life.

Say what you like about game mechanics. But UT99 had the biggest selection of mods ever.
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User Info: drivenby

6 months ago#19
I played like 5000 hours of Quake 2 and maybe like 20 of Q3 . I would choose UT over Q3 in a heart beat . Even the mods of UT are much better.

User Info: Somato

6 months ago#20
Unreal Tournament 2004
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