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Recharging laptop at 50%

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User Info: Iceylemon

7 months ago#11
SinisterSlay posted...
Violet_Blooded posted...
But during gaming sessions i have to keep it plugged, otherwise it will default to built in graphic.. is it wrong?

You can pull out the battery if your having an extended game session.

Except most laptops now have non-friendly removable batteries (like rip open the computer to get the battery out). Every time someone comes up with the battery topic, people suggest removing the battery when you can't easily do it.

User Info: mariopaper

7 months ago#12
SinisterSlay posted...
With lithium batteries. It's not charge level that matters, it's charge cycles.
Every time it enters a charge cycle, you reduce the life.

This is why is bad to leave them plugged in, because your bios will drain it to 93% then charge it back to 95% over and over 20+ times a day.
Full or partially draining it and then restoring the charge each day only once will be fine for the battery. That's the best way to use it.

I'm going to say this is a common misconception with Li-ion batteries; the charge cycle is a factor for the lifespan of the battery, but only because more charge cycles = more usage = lower lifespan. What's really bad for Li-ion batteries is to fully discharge it or keeping it fully charged, so you're right about keeping it plugged in even though it's fully charged; it's best to make sure the charge doesn't go too low or too high like 20-80% battery charge. I wouldn't worry too much about it, Li batteries start dying even if you aren't using it and you'll probably replace it every 2-3 years regardless.
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